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10 More English Words with Foreign Origin

A small, black and white animal that can spray a terrble-smelling liquid when threatened. From a Native American term šeka·kwa , meaning a bushy-tailed animal + urine. The adjective anonymous means someone who does not reveal his/her identity. For example, you can make an anonymous donation to an organization, or write an anonymous opinion letter to the newspaper. From [...]

English Expressions with the Word FREE

If you say "My sister is a free spirit" or "My sister is free-spirited," it means she is the type of person who doesn't follow traditions, obligations, or the typical way of doing things. Instead, she lives her life the way she wants to, not caring about what society thinks. Freeway is another word for the highway - a [...]

15 “Hot” English Words and Expressions

Slang & Informal English E-Book English Idioms Course Summer is here, and it's hot as blazes! (That means the weather is extremely hot). Here are 15 English words and expressions using the word hot: A hotline is a telephone line that gives quick and direct access to help or information. For example, the police might have a domestic abuse hotline [...]

10 Informal English Phrases Used by Native Speakers

If someone is having difficulties or experiencing a bad situation, telling them to hang in there means "keep trying; don't give up; be patient and things will eventually get better." Saying something rocks or rules means it's really great, awesome, wonderful. If something blows you away, it means it completely amazed you. Another way to say it is "I was blown away by the new [...]

English Pronunciation Practice: Six Tricky Consonant Clusters

strong / a strong man strategy / a brilliant strategy stretch / let's stretch before exercising stripes / a shirt with red stripes structure / a complex structure thread / a small thread thrill / she's a thrill-seeker thrive / the plants are thriving throat / a sore throat throughout / there's rain throughout the region [...]