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Common Adjective & Preposition Combinations

Adjectives are words used to describe a person, place, or thing, for example: The tall man in the red shirt is a friend of mine. We drove along a quiet road until reaching a small town. I'm reading an interesting book. Prepositions are words used to connect two ideas, or to demonstrate the relationship between two concepts.  Examples of prepositions in English include at, in, on, [...]

10 English Words Originating in Foreign Languages

Karaoke is when a recording of a popular song plays, and everyday people sing the song by accompanying the lyrics displayed on a screen. From Japanese kara + ōke. Pajamas are loose, comfortable clothes worn for sleeping. From Hindi/Urdu pāyjāmā, loose-fitting trousers. A long seat full of cushions. This can also be called a couch. From Arabic ṣuffa. A type of thick, smooth, [...]

25 English Expressions with the Word PAPER

One unit of paper is called a sheet of paper or a piece of paper. If the paper has horizontal lines on it, then it is called lined paper or notebook paper. If it has squares, then it is graph paper. And if it has no lines or squares, then it is plain paper. Some special types of papers are: [...]

Learn World Animals in English

Does your country have a national animal - and do you know its name in English? Check out the Kaplan blog for a full list of each animal, country, and its name both in the native language and in English. Kaplan International English

10 Common English Phrasal Verbs with COME

= find something by accident When I was cleaning my room, I came across my middle-school diaries. = accompany someone when going somewhere We're going to get ice cream. Want to come along? = return He's still hoping his ex-girlfriend will come back to him, even after all these years. = when something becomes separated or unstuck from another thing The [...]