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11 Advanced English Words with Confusing Pronunciation

al - BEE - it The word albeit means "although" (similar to "but") It's an interesting, albeit useless, invention. CA - vee - at A caveat is an explanation, alert, or warning that you give in order to clarify or provide further detail to a statement. When you sign up, you'll get a free cell phone - the caveat is that you'll be locked into a [...]

10 Business English Phrases with Phrasal Verbs

This means "You can depend on me" - I can be trusted to be responsible and get the work done, or do what I say I will do. Note that in English we say count on and depend on - don't use the prepositions in, of, or with in these expressions. To fall through means that a plan will not go forward. Something happened to make it fail, [...]

Answers to 5 quick English grammar questions

"If you have any questions" is correct, because the word "question" is a countable noun. When a noun is countable, we always use the plural form after "some" and "any": I bought some flowers. We don't have any questions. We only use the singular form after "some" and "any" when a noun is uncountable: I bought some sugar. We don't have [...]

10 More English Words with Foreign Origin

A small, black and white animal that can spray a terrble-smelling liquid when threatened. From a Native American term šeka·kwa , meaning a bushy-tailed animal + urine. The adjective anonymous means someone who does not reveal his/her identity. For example, you can make an anonymous donation to an organization, or write an anonymous opinion letter to the newspaper. From [...]

English Expressions with the Word FREE

If you say "My sister is a free spirit" or "My sister is free-spirited," it means she is the type of person who doesn't follow traditions, obligations, or the typical way of doing things. Instead, she lives her life the way she wants to, not caring about what society thinks. Freeway is another word for the highway - a [...]