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15 English Expressions with “Have”

When have is used as a verb for possession, it CAN'T be used in the present continuous: I'm having a lot of work to do. I have a lot of work to do. They're having a new car. They have a new car. However, in certain expressions, have can be used in the present continuous form: I'm having a good time. We're having a meeting at 4 PM. Have and have [...]

Confusing English Words: Specially and Especially

Use especially when something stands out from all the others (similar to the meaning of "particularly.") The whole book was terrible – especially the ending. He loves animals, especially dogs. I can't wait for the trip to New York. I'm especially looking forward to seeing the Statue of Liberty. Especially can also be used before an [...]

Very similar English words – what’s the difference?

600+ Confusing Words E-Book If something is effective, it is good at achieving goals and accomplishing the desired result: an effective diet helps you lose weight successfully an effective medicine cures a disease or makes you get better an effective solution successfully resolves the problem If something is efficient, it works in a way that does not waste resources. an efficient machine functions while using a minimum [...]

English vocabulary words: lights

When the level of light is low, we say the light is dim. The opposite of dim light is bright light (strong light). When the light is extremely intense, we can say it is blinding. Want to increase your vocabulary & improve your fluency? Image sources: J. Dncsn, Jnn, Robbie Sproule, 4028mdk09, Solipsist, Peter Angritt, Sltb24, Remi Jouan, Thomas Stellmach, Evdaimon