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A story about confidence

Read and listen to Jane's story of confidence vs. insecurity. Try to guess what the bolded vocabulary words mean from the context - then read the vocabulary section at the end of the story to find the answers. For many people the month of June means one thing – summer is coming! For me, however, ever [...]

Different English words that are pronounced the same way

A board (n.) is a flat piece of wood. If you are bored (adj.) it means you are not interested. A phase (n.) is a temporary period of time or a stage of development. If something doesn't faze (v.) you, it means it doesn't bother you or make you uncomfortable. A vein (n.) is a small tube inside your body that takes blood back to [...]

Learning English for your Career? This free e-book will help you succeed!

Learning English can open the doors to a career with a multinational company or working in an English-speaking country. If you want to maximize your chances of success, check out this very helpful free e-book, Your International Career Guide: Ten essential topics to help you succeed from Kaplan International English. You'll get tips from experts in the field, covering [...]

Do you know these 10 English phrasal verbs?

How well do you know English phrasal verbs? Take this quiz to find out! Improve your knowledge of phrasal verbs... learn them naturally in context! Click here for more information >>

10 English idioms with the word FLY

If you say that time is flying by, it means that it feels like the time is passing very quickly. How can it be September already? This summer just flew by! We also have the expression is time flies when you're having fun - meaning that time seems to pass quickly when you're enjoying yourself. Doing something on the fly means without previous [...]