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English Vocabulary Words: Trees

Image sources: Mokkie, U.S. Forest Service, Southwestern Region, Kaibab National Forest, Famartin, Andre Carrotflower, Lionel Allorge Want to increase your vocabulary & improve your fluency?

10 English Phrases & Expressions with the Word ALL

= if you are all for something, it means you completely support it, you are 100% in favor of it = if something is all over, it is in every place; everywhere = if someone is all talk, it means they talk about something but don't do it. This expression can also be he's all talk and no action. = something that is all [...]

Business English Buzzwords

Business English Course Hello students! Today I'm going to teach you some business English "buzzwords" - informal expressions that you might hear at work or in a professional context. You're a creative person, and you try to push the envelope at your company. To push the envelope means to move beyond the limits of what [...]

Free Sample #3 – Premium Lessons

This is a free sample from the Premium Lessons Program, where every week you'll receive: An article-based lesson A dialogue-based lesson An "ask the teacher" lesson (like this one!) Click here for more information about Premium Lessons! Download: Video / Audio / Text (Right-click on the links and select "Save as...") Hello students, this is [...]