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Modal Verbs in English: Deduction

Worksheet - Practice Exercises Full text Audio Video (32 MB) Right-click each link and select "Save" or "Save as..." to download This is a free sample lesson from the Advanced English Grammar Course 45 Lessons - $45 Secure payment - Credit Card, Debit Card, or PayPal Contact me for payment by Banco do Brazil deposit Today's [...]

2015 plans for Espresso English

Today I want to share with you three new plans for Espresso English in 2015! The first one is already online - it's the Espresso English podcast! I'm recording audio lessons and making them available for free on the podcast - you can download the audio, put it on your smartphone or MP3 player, and practice [...]

Difference between BREATH and BREATHE

The word breath is a noun referring to the air going in/out of your mouth and nose. You can... take a deep breath (inhale a lot of air) have bad breath (when the air coming out of your mouth smells bad) hold your breath (keep air in your lungs, like when you go underwater) gasp for breath (when you [...]

10 Winter Activities With Vocabulary Words

In the northern parts of the planet, this is one of the coldest times of the year! Here's a list of 10 winter activities that will help you enjoy the season: Kids love to go sledding in wintertime! You sit on an object called a sled - it can be made of wood and metal, or made [...]