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English Vocabulary Words: Herbs and Spices

Learn English words for common seasonings - herbs and spices that are used to add flavor to food. The difference between herbs and spices is that herbs are the leafy green part of the plant, and spices come from seeds, roots, bark, fruit, or vegetables. basil cilantro / coriander parsley dill rosemary oregano bay leaves cumin chilli pepper / [...]

10 Informal English Expressions

Here are some common informal English expressions and their meanings - with examples in short conversations! = to continue having contact with someone even though they are at a distance “I really enjoyed meeting you, Mark.  It’s too bad you can’t stay in Brazil for a few more days.” “I know. You are a wonderful person, Asa. Don’t worry, [...]

Learn English in London

One of the best ways to improve your English fast is to take a course in an English-speaking country. Not only will you get to speak English every day, but you'll also experience the city's history and culture. London is a great destination for English learners - and there's lots to do outside the classroom! English students [...]

3 ways to talk about the past in English

You can use the simple past to talk about... Last night we were very tired. When I was a child, I lived in Boston. He wasn't happy when he found out about the problem. Why weren't you at work yesterday? Were you sick? Last night we watched a movie. My family moved to New York in 1998. Yesterday I bought a new jacket. She didn't go to the party last week. Did you study for the test? For single actions, you MUST [...]

20 English Collocations with the Word GOAL

The English word goal has a sports meaning and a non-sports meaning. In soccer (as we call the sport in American English) or football (as it is called in British English), the word goal refers to the posts and net, as well as the event of putting the ball inside it. Some expressions with the word goal in a sports context include: score a [...]