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How to fix 10 common mistakes in English

The correct sentence is: It is very important to practice English. In this structure, when a verb is used after an adjective, the verb is in the to-infinitive: It's better to apologize. It's great to see you! It's difficult to find a parking spot. The correct sentence is: I want to take part in the event. The expression "take part [...]

Speaking English: Expressions about thoughts and beliefs

In our final round of "Speaking September," let's try to use these seven English expressions related to thoughts and beliefs. Try to answer the questions in red by speaking and using the new phrase! Use this phrase to introduce a fact that is different from what most people believe. "Contrary to popular belief,it's not actually necessary [...]

Speaking English: Talking about relationships

This week's theme for Speaking September is relationships and romance! Here are seven English phrases and expressions that you can use when talking about this topic: To have a thing for someone is an informal and indirect expression to say you are romantically interested in that person. Another, more direct way to say it is that you have a crush on someone. These [...]

Speaking English: Expressions for Education

Let's continue "Speaking September" with some English expressions related to education! Make sure to read to the end for a common error that a lot of students make when talking about what they studied in college. If a class or a course covers a lot of ground, it means it teaches a lot of material. "We covered [...]

ELLLO Quick Conversation Lessons: Free Sample

Download: Bargain Shopping - PDF Bargain Shopping - MP3 Joel and Tom discuss shopping for goods in Thailand and when to bargain. Joel: Hey, Tom, when you were in Thailand, did you, were you good at bargaining? You know how you have to haggle to get the price lower. Tom: Once I got started it was OK, but, oh, getting [...]