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New E-Book Now Available! 600+ Confusing English Words Explained

  ; Contact me to pay by Bank Deposit in Brazil When you're learning English, you'll encounter many words that are very similar. For example: extend and expand distinct and distinctive notable and noticeable specially and especially ...and many more. Although you might understand the general meaning, you'll probably wonder: Then, when you speak, you [...]

Fashion Vocabulary Words in English

Are you into fashion? Do you need to know the English vocabulary words for describing different styles of clothing and accessories? Today's "Describe your style" fashion infographic from Kaplan will teach you exactly how to talk about the latest trends. Click here to visit the Kaplan blog and learn more words for different types of hats, [...]

English Vocabulary: Birthdays

Send Shayna your comments! A person's birthday is the date when they were born. We use the word anniversary for the date when two people got married (wedding anniversary), or the date when something special or important happened (anniversary of the founding of a company; anniversary of the end of a war). To say your age, use "I am" or "I'm" - not [...]

10 English Phrases With the Word GIVE

Everyday English Speaking Course The phrase What gives? is an informal way to ask What's the problem? or What went wrong?  It is often used when you are somewhat surprised that the problem occurred, or annoyed at a problem, for example: "You said you'd meet me at 4, but I waited until 5 and you didn't show up. What gives?" To give [...]

Collocations with the English word CAR

Get the 1000 Collocations E-Book Everybody loves to buy a new car! But if you want to save money, you can buy a used car. Sometimes in advertisements these are called pre-owned cars, in order to make it sounds a little nicer than "used." If you're on vacation, you might want to use a rental car for a few days before returning it. [...]