“My pronunciation improved fast, and I’m feeling more confident.
Everybody noticed my performance.” ~ Márcia, from Brazil

Pronunciation Course $30
29 lessons teaching all the sounds of English
1 pronunciation evaluation
Shadowing with Shayna $30
29 listen-and-repeat lessons to help you speak better
1 pronunciation evaluation

(Or you can get these courses inside the Complete Program, with a 50% discount on 600+ lessons!)


Did you know that one of the FIRST things other people notice about your English is your pronunciation?

People often make instant assumptions about the level of your English, based on how good (or bad) your pronunciation is.

If you make a lot of pronunciation mistakes – or if you just have a strong accent – then it will be harder for you to communicate.

Even if you have good grammar and vocabulary… other people might not know what you’re saying simply because of your pronunciation.

confusedOne of the worst experiences as a language learner (and I’ve experienced this myself!) is when you say something and other people don’t understand you.

They just look at you in confusion… or they might frown and say, “What?”

This is VERY embarrassing!

What’s worse, it makes you lose confidence in your own English. You begin to doubt yourself, and then it will be even more difficult to speak the next time, because you’ll be worrying about whether or not people will understand you.


Now, imagine yourself speaking English
clearly, confidently, and correctly. 

Imagine native speakers understanding you perfectly and even complimenting you on your English!

Does that sound good to you?

The American English Pronunciation Course and the Shadowing with Shayna accent training course will help you reach your goal of speaking clear, confident, and correct English.

In the American English Pronunciation Course, you will learn:

  • All the sounds of American English, with lots of practice exercises
  • How to master the difference between similar sounds, and fix pronunciation errors. It’s important to correct mistakes before they become bad habits!
  • How to make your spoken English more connected, fluid, and natural with lessons on reductions, linking, and intonation.

At the end of the course, you can also send me speaking samples and get a personal evaluation of your pronunciation – so you can find out exactly how to improve even further.

The next level of training is a new set of lessons
called “Shadowing with Shayna.”

shadowShadowing is a technique in which you repeat phrases immediately after me, imitating my pronunciation and intonation very closely.

It’s a great way to reduce your foreign accent and practice speaking more continuously (without so many pauses between words).

You can “shadow” with any audio recording… but “Shadowing with Shayna” contains 30 lessons that are specifically designed to help you practice easily and effectively.

The audio includes pauses for you to repeat after me, and the text on the video shows you exactly where the stressed syllables and words are.


The American English Pronunciation Course + Shadowing with Shayna will help you get great pronunciation – so that you can speak more confidently, being CERTAIN that other people will be able to understand your English.

The prices for these pronunciation training courses are:

  • American English Pronunciation Course: $30
  • + Shadowing with Shayna: $30
  • = Both courses: $60 $45

You’ll get instant and permanent access to the lessons after payment. Also, you can download all the lessons & save them on your computer.

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American English Pronunciation Course

  • Lesson 1: SEAT / SIT / SET
  • Lesson 2: MAT / MET / MATE
  • Lesson 3: NOT / NOTE
  • Lesson 4: LAW / LOW
  • Lesson 5: POT / PART
  • Lesson 6: CAR / CARE
  • Lesson 7: STEER / STIR / STORE
  • Lesson 8: BUT / FOOT / BOOT
  • Lesson 9: NIGHT / NOISE / NOW
  • Lesson 10: PACK / BACK
  • Lesson 11: CAME / GAME
  • Lesson 12: TO / DO
  • Lesson 13: 6 Different Sounds of T
  • Lesson 14: THIN / THIS
  • Lesson 15: FAN / VAN
  • Lesson 16: SIP / ZIP
  • Lesson 17: SHEER / CHEER / JEER
  • Lesson 18: LIGHT / RIGHT
  • Lesson 19: SUM / SUN / SUNG
  • Lesson 20: HELL / WELL / YELL
  • Lesson 21: Syllables and Word Stress
  • Lesson 22: Word Stress and Prefixes and Suffixes
  • Lesson 23: Introduction to Sentence Stress
  • Lesson 24: Reductions – Part 1
  • Lesson 25: Reductions – Part 2
  • Lesson 26: Sentence Stress – Special Emphasis
  • Lesson 27: Linking – Part 1
  • Lesson 28: Linking – Part 2
  • Lesson 29: Intonation
  • Lesson 30: Evaluation

Shadowing with Shayna

  • Lesson 1: The Sharing Economy
  • Lesson 2: Why Diets Don’t Work
  • Lesson 3: History of the Olympic Games
  • Lesson 4: Strange and Surprising Scientific Discoveries
  • Lesson 5: Streaming and the Music Industry
  • Lesson 6: How to Travel on a Budget
  • Lesson 7: The Process of Recycling
  • Lesson 8: Amazing Love Stories
  • Lesson 9: The Self-Driving Car
  • Lesson 10: How to Sleep Better
  • Lesson 11: The Race to the South Pole
  • Lesson 12: Shocking Moments in Sports
  • Lesson 13: Myths about Mental Illness
  • Lesson 14: Best Practices for Buying a House
  • Lesson 15: The World’s Newest Countries
  • Lesson 16: Strange Habits of Famous People
  • Lesson 17: The Dangers of Online Shaming
  • Lesson 18: Creative Date Ideas
  • Lesson 19: Five Fascinating Plants
  • Lesson 20: Embarrassing Moments in Politics
  • Lesson 21: Genetically-Modified Food
  • Lesson 22: Body Language
  • Lesson 23: Three Surprisingly Advanced Ancient Cultures
  • Lesson 24: How Popular Magic Tricks are Done
  • Lesson 25: Virtual Reality
  • Lesson 26: Daily Life 100 Years Ago
  • Lesson 27: Common Beliefs that Aren’t True
  • Lesson 28: Protect Yourself from Cybercrime
  • Lesson 29: How to Deal with Conflict
  • Lesson 30: Evaluation

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Free Sample


How will this course help me?

If you’ve ever felt nervous to speak English, or embarrassed because other people don’t understand what you’re saying, the pronunciation course will help you make a big improvement in your spoken English.

Think about this…

If you have perfect grammar and a large vocabulary, but you have pronunciation problems, then you will ALWAYS have difficulty communicating.

However, if you have great pronunciation, then you will succeed in communicating even with few words – because your words will be pronounced perfectly correctly.

As you know, English pronunciation is very irregular – the written form of the word is often very different from how it’s pronounced. In this course, you’ll learn all the details about English pronunciation rules. You’ll do hundreds of pronunciation practice exercises to help you avoid common errors.

In addition, the lessons about linking, reductions, and intonation will help you speak English faster and more naturally, with fewer pauses and hesitations.

One extra benefit is that improving your pronunciation can also improve your listening. When you know the correct sounds of the English words, it’s easier to recognize them when you hear native speakers talking.

What do I get in the course?

When you register, you get instant and permanent access to:

American English Pronunciation Course

  • 29 video presentations of the material
  • 29 audio MP3s
  • Pronunciation Course e-book (PDF format, 125 pages)
  • 1 personal evaluation of your pronunciation

Shadowing with Shayna

  • 29 video presentations of the material
  • 29 audio MP3s
  • 29 text lessons (PDF format)
  • 1 personal evaluation of your pronunciation

You’ll get instant and permanent access to the lessons.

How much time is needed?

Each lesson takes about 10 minutes to complete.

There is NO TIME LIMIT for finishing the course. Your access to it is permanent, so you can study at your own pace!

What level of English is necessary?

This is an intermediate-level course, although pre-intermediate students and beginners will also find it useful. It’s very important to develop good pronunciation as soon as possible, because it’s hard to change your speaking habits later!

Can I see a sample lesson?

Free Sample – American English Pronunciation Course

Free Sample – Shadowing with Shayna

How can I pay?

You can pay for the course with credit card, debit card, or PayPal.

Is the online payment safe?

Yes! The payments with credit card, debit card, and PayPal are made through a secure connection that keeps your information safe.

Can I ask you another question?

Of course! Click here to send me an e-mail.

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Student Story: Márcia

marcia_hI’m from Brazil but I live in the U.S. since 2009, married to an American citizen. When I came here, my English was poor, just for survival. I improved a little bit, but my pronunciation was terrible and I had lots of difficulty understanding spoken English. “The American English Pronunciation Course” was exactly what I needed.

Shayna is an excellent teacher, she give you all the tips, she knows the difficulty the person has. In 30 days my pronunciation improved fast, my English is much better and I’m feeling more confident. Everybody noticed my performance.

Thank you Shayna for helping me learn better English.

– Márcia H., Brazil (now living in U.S.)



100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I know you’ll love these courses and learn a lot from them– but if you’re not satisfied with your purchase, just send me an e-mail and I’ll send you a refund within 24 hours.

Choose the best option for you:

Pronunciation Course $30
29 lessons teaching all the sounds of English
1 pronunciation evaluation
Shadowing with Shayna $30
29 listen-and-repeat lessons to help you speak better
1 pronunciation evaluation

(Or you can get these courses inside the Complete Program, with a 50% discount on 600+ lessons!)