Answers to common questions about Level 2 of the Everyday English Speaking Course

What level is this course?

This course is great for students who are upper-intermediate and advanced… if you are intermediate, you can still join if you’re willing to take on a challenge!

If you meet one or more of these qualifications, the course is good for you:

  • You’ve studied English for more than 3 years
  • You’re at B2 level or above
  • You’ve finished Everyday English Speaking Level 1 and are ready for some more difficult conversations that are full of informal expressions

What Topics Am I Going To Learn?

The conversations cover a wide variety of topics – from work and school to family, fun, health and sports, and more. The variety in the lessons will help you learn hundreds of different expressions that are used in many situations in everyday life. If you want to see the lesson list in more detail, you can click here.

How long is the course? What do I get?

When you register, you’ll get instant access to 45 lessons – you can take them online or download the text and audio.

There’s NO TIME LIMIT, so you can study as fast or as slow as you want! And of course, you can always e-mail me if you have any questions about the lessons. I’m here to help.

Can I See A Free Sample Lesson?

Yes! Here are two free samples: Lesson 15 and Lesson 42

How Do I Get Your Feedback on My Speaking?

Each lesson ends with a “Speaking task” – it’s a question that you should answer by speaking out loud. You can record your speaking using your computer or smartphone, or online through the link in the lesson.

Then, send me your MP3 recording and I’ll listen to it and reply with comments and corrections on your pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar.

How Can I Pay? Is It Safe?

You can pay with a credit card, debit card, or PayPal (a safe system for online payments). The connection for the payment is secure; it protects your information.

If you live in Brazil, you can also pay by Banco do Brasil deposit – just ask me for the account details.

Got A Different Question?

Just contact me and I’m happy to help.



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