Answers to Common Questions about the Advanced English Grammar Course

How do I know if I’m advanced enough for the course?

This course is great for students who are upper-intermediate level and above… if you are intermediate, you can still join if you’re ready for a challenge!

If you meet one or more of these qualifications, the course is perfect for you:

  • You’ve studied English for more than 3 years
  • You’re at B2 level or above
  • You’ve read the Espresso English grammar books 1 and 2, and you’d like to continue to a more advanced level

What topics am I going to learn?

Click here for an approximate outline of the lesson list. Although the specific lesson titles and their order might change a bit as I develop the lessons, this will give you an overview. I guarantee that you’ll get a very in-depth study of English grammar.

Can I see a free sample lesson?

Yes! Click here to take Lesson 1.

How do the practice exercises & feedback work?

Each lesson includes two ways to practice what you’re learning:

  • A quiz or worksheet to practice the specific grammar from the lesson. You can do the exercises and check your answers yourself.
  • A writing task (2-3 short paragraphs) which you can send to me – I’ll evaluate and correct your text and send it back to you. This is your chance to get feedback from a native English speaker and correct any mistakes

Do I get access to all the lessons instantly?


Do I have to do the lessons daily?
Is there a time limit?

There’s no time limit – the lessons will be yours to keep forever!

This means that it’s totally fine if you don’t have time to do the lesson every day. You can save them for later and study at your own pace. Your access to the course is permanent.

How can I pay? Is it safe?

You can pay with a credit card, debit card, or PayPal (a safe system for online payments). The connection for the payment is secure; it protects your information.

If you live in Brazil, you can also pay by Banco do Brasil deposit – just ask me for the account details.

Got a different question?

Just contact me and I’m happy to help.

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