English Idioms Course: Lesson 1 – Free Sample

How to take this lesson:

  1. Take the introductory quiz
  2. Watch the video explanation
  3. Take the practice quiz
  4. Try the short answer exercises

Idioms Course: Lesson 1 Introductory Quiz

Guess the correct meaning of each idiom from the context. It's OK if you get a lot of answers incorrect - the important part is to do your best in trying to figure it out!


Video Explanation:


Idioms Course: Lesson 1 Practice Quiz



Short-Answer Exercises

2-3 sentences each. Try to use each idiom in your answer.

1) Describe a situation when you were “walking on eggshells”

2) Have you ever bitten off more than you could chew? What happened?

3) What are some things that are not your cup of tea?

4) Do you know someone who’s a sharp cookie? How about a tough cookie? Describe these people.

5) When was the last time you were in a pickle?

Send me your short answers for correction!

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