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Learn English Idioms

Learn English Idioms

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Idioms are phrases with meanings that are different from the actual words.

For example:

“Let the cat out of the bag”
= to reveal a secret.

English Idioms: Let the cat out of the bag

“Think outside the box”
= to think creatively, with a new and different perspective


Idioms can be confusing and frustrating when you read or listen to English and you think,

“What does this phrase mean?”

“How can I use it correctly?”

Traditional English courses and textbooks don’t usually focus on idioms… but they are extremely common in casual spoken English.

The English Idioms Course will help you learn hundreds of idiomatic expressions.

This course is for you if you want to improve your understanding of idioms and learn to use them confidently.

This course is NOT just a big list of idioms and definitions. Pure memorization isn’t the best way to learn these expressions!

Instead, you’ll:

  1. Discover the idioms’ meanings in context
  2. Learn the idioms from explanations/examples
  3. Practice using the idioms with quizzes and exercises

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Lesson 1: Idioms from Food

Lesson 2: Idioms from the Body

Lesson 3: Idioms from Money

Lesson 4: Idioms from Animals

Lesson 5: Idioms with Time

Lesson 6: Idioms from Colors

Lesson 7: Idioms from Numbers

Lesson 8: Idioms from Clothes

Lesson 9: Idioms from the House

Lesson 10: Idioms from Buildings & Structures

Lesson 11: Idioms from Nature

Lesson 12: Idioms related to Work & Employment

Lesson 13: Idioms from Sports & Games

Lesson 14: Idioms from Travel & Transport

Lesson 15: Idioms from the Weather

Lesson 16: Idioms from Music

Lesson 17: Idioms from Science and Technology

Lesson 18: Idioms from Violence and Death

Lesson 19: Idioms with Common Verbs (Part 1)

Lesson 20: Idioms with Common Verbs (Part 2)

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Free Sample



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the course format?

  • Each lesson is available in video, audio, and text form.
  • There are 20 lessons total.
  • You can take a sample lesson to see the format.

Can I download the material?

Yes! You can download the text, audio, and video of each lesson and save it to your computer, so that you can use it whenever you want.

How long is the course?

This course has 20 lessons. There is no time limit – you can complete the lessons at your own pace.

What level of English is necessary for this course?

This is an intermediate-level course, although more advanced students will certainly find it useful as well. If your English is good enough to understand the normal Espresso English lessons, then you will be able to understand the Idioms Course.

Will there be practice exercises?

Yes – each lesson will have practice exercises to help you remember and use the lesson vocabulary. There will also be opportunities for you to get feedback on your ability to use the idioms in spoken and/or written English.

How long is each lesson?

It depends on your learning speed… but on average, each lesson takes about 20 minutes to complete. Don’t worry if you can’t get it all done every day – as mentioned, you can download the lessons and complete them at your own pace if you need more time.

How can I pay for the course?

You can register and pay by credit card or debit card online through a secure connection.

I also accept PayPal and PagSeguro – just contact me for details.

If you live in Brazil and you’d like to pay by bank deposit / bank transfer, write to me and I’ll send you the necessary information.

I have another question.

E-mail me and I’m happy to help!

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