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Advanced Grammar
Business English Course
American English Pronunciation Course
Phrasal Verbsphrasal-verbs-course-video
Reading Course
Adv. Vocab & Collocations
Advanced Vocabulary and Collocations
200 Errors
300+ Idioms
English Idioms Course


1000 Collocations

600+ Confusing Words Explained

Slang & Informal English

Basic & Intermediate Grammar

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Espresso English Courses: Descriptions

Everyday English Speaking Course

Everyday English Speaking Courses

Learn conversational English – phrases and expressions that native English speakers use in daily life. Level 1 teaches you practical phrases, and Level 2 teaches you more advanced expressions. You can also record yourself and get feedback from a teacher on your English speaking skills!

English Vocabulary Course

Vocabulary Builder Courses

Learn English vocabulary and put it into practice! These online courses teach more than 2,000 words to expand your vocabulary – for more fluent English. The vocabulary words are organized by topic, and lessons include quizzes and exercises.

English Listening Course

Listening Course

Improve your English listening skills with step-by-step exercises. The lessons will help you practice listening to English and understanding native speakers. The Listening Course includes both slow and fast audios, and a variety of voices and accents.

Advanced English Grammar Course

Advanced English Grammar Course

Master English grammar by learning verb tenses, advanced sentence structure, nouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, and much more. The lessons will help you not only understand English grammar rules, but also put grammar in use in your own English. You can even send in your written English for correction.

English Phrasal Verbs Course

Phrasal Verbs in Conversation Course

Learn 500+ phrasal verbs naturally, through English conversations! You need to know phrasal verbs if you want to be fluent in English, because native speakers use them all the time. This online course will teach you common phrasal verbs and help you practice them.

American English Pronunciation Course

American English Pronunciation Course

Improve your English pronunciation so you can speak clearly, correctly, and confidently! These pronunciation lessons help you practice all the sounds of American English, make the difference between similar sounds, and practice connecting words for more natural spoken English. Includes a pronunciation evaluation by a teacher.

Shadowing with Shayna Course

Shadowing with Shayna Course

Repeat after me to reduce your accent and learn to talk more like a native English speaker. These lessons are designed with pauses for you to repeat each phrase after me, and the video text shows you exactly where the stressed syllables and words are. Shadowing helps you improve your pronunciation of phrases so your English speaking is more continuous.

Business English Course

Business English Course

Learn practical English for professional situations, so you can speak English confidently at work. Phrases for interviews, meetings, phone calls, negotiations, conversations with clients and co-workers, and more – plus business English vocabulary for finance, project management, marketing, networking, entrepreneurship, and many other topics.

200 Common Errors in English course

200 Common Errors in English Course

Learn how to avoid embarrassing mistakes in grammar, vocabulary, spelling, pronunciation, and more. These errors are the most common ones made by learners of every level of English, from beginner to intermediate to advanced students. I’ll show you how to fix them – and when you know the right ways to say things, you can speak and write in English much more confidently.

Reading Course

Reading Course

Want to read English texts more easily and comfortably? This online course will help improve your reading skills! The lessons have step-by-step reading practice so you can test your understanding of the text, discover new words in context, and practice the vocabulary you learned.

300+ English Idioms Course

300+ English Idioms Course

An effective way to learn idiomatic expressions: First, guess the meaning of English idioms from examples – then watch my explanation. Take the quiz to review and practice, and answer short questions (with teacher feedback) to use the idioms in your own English!

Advanced English Vocabulary and Collocations Course

Advanced Vocabulary & Collocations Course

Learn 1,000+ high-level words and expressions to help you sound more sophisticated in English. This course will help you build your vocabulary with advanced words, learn how to put them together naturally, and practice the new words so you won’t forget them. Fast, focused lessons give you a powerful vocabulary boost in a few minutes a day!

1000 English Collocations E-Book

1000 Collocations in 10 Minutes a Day E-Book

Learn the common combinations of words used by native English speakers, so you can make sentences more easily. These lessons fit into your busy lifestyle: 5 minutes to read the lesson, 5 minutes to take the quiz, and you’re done! Learning collocations will help you speak English more fluently and naturally.

600+ Confusing English Words E-Book

600+ Confusing English Words Explained E-Book

Learn exactly how to use 600+ words that many English learners confuse. Short, sweet lessons teach you quickly and efficiently. I’ll clear up your doubts and make these confusing words easy to understand – so you can use them confidently!

Basic & Intermediate English Grammar E-Books

Basic & Intermediate Grammar E-Books

Learn essential English grammar fast! These lessons make grammar clear and easy to understand. You can review and practice everything you learn with the included quizzes. The result: You’ll be able to use English grammar confidently.

Slang & Informal English E-Book

Slang & Informal English E-Book

Learn current, popular slang and informal expressions – with plenty of examples. The slang words are organized by topic and shown in green, yellow, or red depending on how offensive they are. You’ll quickly learn the meaning of common slang expressions used in casual conversations, TV shows, and movies.

Many Espresso English courses include teacher feedback

+ Teacher feedback on YOUR English

A number of our courses include opportunities to get personalized feedback and correction!

You can send in your homework – short answers, a written text, or a recording of you speaking – and an Espresso English teacher will evaluate it and send you comments.

It’s a very valuable way to find out exactly what you’re doing well, and exactly how to improve.

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“When I found Espresso English, my language became much better – like a magical experience. I was taught and informed a lot here with all the online courses. I feel like I’m supported and can talk confidently. I can’t thank you enough!”

~ Abdul Azeez, Iraq

“Espresso English lessons, courses and books are, by far, the most comprehensive tools I have ever found in my English process learning, and I strongly recommend all of them to everyone who is serious about becoming fluent in the language. I bought some of her online English courses and e-books and all of them have helped me a lot to improve my English.”

~ Sergio, Brazil

All of the online courses are very helpful to improve my English skills – learning new vocabulary, getting more familiar with sentence structures, and my pronunciation is clearer and clearer.”

~ Arparat, Thailand

Espresso English has helped me so much in the way I speak, communicate, use tenses, and so many things. During my exams I found it easy for me in English because of your help. Espresso English is the best I have found so far!”

~ Faith from Nigeria

“I have been a follower of your course for more than 5 years. It has helped me a lot – transformed me from being a happy homemaker into a successful English language teacher.”

~ Arundhati, India

I really have improved my English skills in all directions with Espresso English. The courses and e-books have really good explanations. I love reading, listening and practicing with all the materials produced by Espresso English.”

~ Jaime from Brazil

“Espresso English is the place where one quenches his/her thirst of knowledge regarding English language and grammar. My tough questions and misconceptions about grammar were cleared and solved. Most importantly, Shayna is a teacher who teaches from her heart.”

~ Anwar, Pakistan

“It has been 6 months+ that I am working with Espresso English! It is just AMAZING how my vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation have improved, just by listening and reading your courses every day.”

~ Vanessa, France

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