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Espresso English Complete Program

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Bonus: Free USB Drive

In addition to your online access, the Complete Program includes a free bonus USB drive with all the lesson videos, audios, and texts on it. IMPORTANT NOTE: Because of coronavirus restrictions, your USB might be a little delayed. However, I can send you direct download links – just e-mail me after you join the Complete Program. Thanks for understanding!

Student Story

“I have bought the complete Espresso English program and all I can say is that I’m loving it! The method used  is truly great and it has been working well for me so far. Courses are easy to understand, well-detailed and perfectly explained along with exercises or quizzes you can send to Shayna for being corrected and getting feedback afterwards. So, if you feel like improving or sharpening your English level, Espresso is there for you – it’s actually a masterpiece; go for it without any hesitation.” ~ Andrianina from France

Free sample lessons from the Complete Program

Program Details

With a single, one-time payment, you get instant and permanent access to the following products: When you register and pay, you will create a password to access the program immediately.

Advanced English Grammar Course

  • 45 text, audio, and video lessons (PDF, MP3, and MP4)
  • Master the advanced details of the English language – and take your English from “good enough” to great.

English Listening Course

  • 45 text and audio lessons (PDF and MP3)
  • Develop your listening skills with step-by-step exercises. Both slow and fast audio available.

Vocabulary Builder Courses – Level 1 and Level 2

  • 60 videos, 60 audio MP3s, 60 PDF text lessons
  • Designed to help you build your vocabulary and increase your fluency

Everyday English Speaking Course Level 1

  • 45 audio MP3s, 45 PDF text lessons
  • You’ll learn common phrases and expressions for daily life – through conversations

Everyday English Speaking Course Level 2

  • 45 videos, 45 audio MP3s, 45 PDF text lessons
  • Learn lots of informal expressions that native speakers use in more advanced conversations

American English Pronunciation Course

  • 29 videos, 29 audio MP3s, 29 PDF text lessons
  • 1 personalized pronunciation evaluation
  • Designed to help you speak clearly, correctly, and confidently by improving your pronunciation and reducing your accent

Shadowing with Shayna Course

  • 29 videos, 29 audio MP3s, 29 PDF text lessons
  • 1 personalized pronunciation evaluation
  • Improve your accent and learn to speak more like a native English speaker by repeating every phrase after me

Phrasal Verbs in Conversation Course

  • 30 videos, 30 audio MP3s, 30 PDF text lessons
  • Learn phrasal verbs the natural way – through dialogues – with easy-to-understand explanations and practice exercises to help you remember and use the phrasal verbs

Reading Course

  • 40 PDF text lessons, 40 audio MP3s
  • Improve your English reading skills and learn more than 1,000 vocabulary words

Business English Course

  • 40 lessons including 4 progress tests – 36 videos, 36 audios, 40 PDF text lessons
  • You’ll learn practical phrases and vocabulary for interviews, meetings, negotiations, presentations, and other professional situations

300 English Idioms Course

  • 30 videos, 30 audio MP3s, 30 PDF text lessons
  • A fun way to discover English idiomatic expressions in context

200 Common Errors in English Course

  • 40 videos, 40 audio MP3s, 40 PDF text lessons
  • Learn how to fix the most common mistakes in grammar, vocabulary, spelling, pronunciation, and learning

1000 Collocations in 10 Minutes a Day E-Book

  • PDF e-book (128 pages), 50 audio MP3s
  • Learn common combinations of words used by native English speakers – and practice them with quizzes & exercises

600+ Confusing English Words E-Book

  • PDF e-book (209 pages), 259 audio MP3s (approx. 5 hrs total listening)
  • Clear up your doubts about commonly confused words, so that you can speak and write more confidently in English.

Slang & Informal English E-Book

  • PDF e-book (74 pages), 27 audio MP3s
  • Learn the most popular, most current slang and informal expressions – with plenty of example sentences

Basic English Grammar E-Book

  • PDF e-book (100 pages), 23 audio MP3s
  • Learn essential English grammar to give you a great foundation in the language

Intermediate English Grammar E-Book

  • PDF e-book (110 pages), 37 audio MP3s
  • Improve your understanding and use of English grammar with more complex topics

Current Events English Course: 2019 Edition

  • 30 video, audio, text lessons
  • Learn English from the news! More than 600 vocabulary words from articles in 2019.

BIG Discount on the Complete Espresso English Program

Normally $600 Just $297
(50% discount)


Contact me to pay by bank deposit in Brazil

ramazan-smallStudent Story

“Your teaching method provides me what I desire from English. That is why I purchased your complete lesson set. Every day I speak aloud and force myself to express everything in English instead of saying it in Turkish. Doing this helps me to improve myself day by day.”
~ Ramazan from Turkey


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