How to Learn English with Music: Listen to Bob Marley

Kaplan International Colleges, a leading provider of English courses in locations around the globe, has interviewed hundreds of current and previous English students on the best way to learn English.

Four out of every five respondents said that music had helped them learn English, and the #1 artist was Bob Marley (with 14% of the vote), followed by Michael Jackson, Madonna, Rihanna and Beyonce.

Current superstars Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber received only 4% and 3% of the vote, respectively, and the music of classic rock bands like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones was not among the top-ranked tunes for learning English.

According to students, Bob Marley’s legendary reggae songs, such as “No Woman, No Cry”, “Stir It Up”, and “One Love”, were the most helpful in helping them develop their English-language skills.

“Our father’s legendary music has touched and moved so many people. It’s exciting to find out that his story-telling lyrics can enhance students’ understanding of the English language,” said Cedella Marley.

The results of the research on how students best learn English are presented in Kaplan’s How to Learn English Infographic.


This post comes from Kaplan International Colleges.

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