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20 English words about water

Learn 20 English Words About Water

River (n.)

Learn English Words - River

Rapids (n.)

Learn English Words - Rapids

“Rapids” are a part of the river where the water is fast and agitated.

Dam (n.)

Learn English Words - Dam

A dam is an artificial barrier constructed to control the flow of water.

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Stream / Brook / Creek (n.)

Learn English Words - Stream

A stream, brook, or creek is smaller than a river.

Waterfall (n.)

Learn English Words - Waterfall

Flood (n. and v.)

Learn English Words - Flood

An area is flooded when there is too much water.

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Swamp (n.)

Learn English Words - Swamp

A swamp is an area with lots of water and vegetation.

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Lake (n.)

Learn English Words - Lake

A lake is surrounded on all sides by land.

Reservoir (n.)

Learn English Words - Reservoir

A reservoir is an artificial lake created to store water.

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Pond (n.)

Learn English Words - Pond

A pond is smaller than a lake.

Puddle (n.)

Learn English Words - Puddle

Puddles are the small pools of water that appear after it rains.

Ocean / Sea (n.)

Learn English Words - Ocean

Oceans cover more than 70% of the earth’s surface.

Oceans have salt water. The water that we drink (without salt) is called fresh water.

Wave (n.)

Learn English Words - Wave

Drop (n.) / Drip (v.)

Learn English Words - Drop

A little bit of water is called a “drop.” When it falls, that action is called “dripping”

Pour (v.)

Learn English Words - Pour

When you transfer liquid from one place to another, you “pour” it.

Splash (n. and v.)

Learn English Words - Splash

When you make water fly, this action is called “splashing”

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