10 Common English Words with Slang Meanings

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hot (adjective)

Regular meaning: high temperature; opposite of cold

  • Don’t touch the pan; it’s very hot!
  • You need hot water to make tea.

Slang meaning: describes a person who is very attractive/sexy

  • Wow, that guy is really hot!
  • There are a couple of hot girls over there by the bar.

dough (noun)

Regular meaning: the mixture of flour, water, and other ingredients used to bake bread


Slang meaning: money

  • They lost a lot of dough in that bad business deal.
  • I’m getting a weekend job to make some dough on the side.

high (adjective)

Regular meaning: the opposite of low

  • Airplanes fly very high in the air.
  • There’s a high risk of death with this experimental surgery.

Slang meaning: describes a person who is experiencing the effect of drugs making them mentally excited

  • He always gets into fights when he’s high.
  • The driver who caused the accident was both drunk and high.
    (drunk = intoxicated with alcohol)

dump (verb)

Regular meaning: to drop something or let it fall heavily or suddenly, and without being careful

  • Please don’t dump all your clothes on the bathroom floor; you should put them in the basket.
  • At the beach, my son dumped a bucket of sand into my drink.

Slang meaning: to break off a romantic relationship without caring much about the other person’s feelings

  • He dumped his girlfriend because she wasn’t very ambitious.
  • If your boyfriend cheats on you, then you should dump him.


dig (verb)

Regular meaning: to make a hole in the ground by using a shovel or your hands


Slang meaning: to like, enjoy, or appreciate

  • You saw Taylor Swift in concert? I really dig her music!
  • I’m just not digging my new job. The work isn’t very interesting.

grand (adjective/noun)

Regular meaning: good, excellent, large

  • The minister of education has a grand plan to reform all the country’s schools.
  • The grand prize in this contest is an all-expenses-paid vacation to Hawaii!

Slang meaning: a thousand dollars

  • They sold their house for two hundred grand.
  • She makes about sixty grand a year at her job.


beat (verb/adjective)

Regular meaning: to win in a competition, to hit repeatedly

  • Italy beat France in the final game of the World Cup.
    (beat = win)
  • He beat his fists against the door.
    (beat = hit repeatedly)
    (fists = hands closed tightly)

Slang meaning: tired

  • I don’t feel like going out tonight; I’m beat.
  • After a 30-hour journey, we were totally beat.

joint (noun)

Regular meaning: the place where two bones come together and your body can bend or move. Your knees, elbows, shoulders, wrists, and neck are all joints.

  • It can take a while to recover from injuries to your joints.


Slang meaning: a marijuana cigarette

  • The teenagers were behind the school, smoking a joint.

sick (adjective)

Regular meaning: describes when a person is not healthy

  • My daughter stayed home from school because she was sick.
  • I think I’m getting sick. I’m coughing a lot and I have a fever.

Slang meaning: describes something that is very cool, great, awesome

  • He did a triple backflip into the water – it was a sick move!

props (noun)

Regular meaning: the objects used by the actors in theater or film productions

  • This isn’t a real gun, it’s a prop for a cowboy movie.
  • Have you seen the box with all the props for the children’s play?

Slang meaning: respect, recognition, and credit (often used in expressions of gratitude and admiration)

  • Props to Katie for throwing this awesome party!
  • It was a complicated situation, but I have to give him props for the way he handled it.

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