10 Common Phrasal Verbs

Turn on / Turn off

  • Turn on the TV, I want to watch a program.
  • Turn off the TV – it’s time to go to bed.

Put on / Take off

  • I was cold, so I put on a jacket.
  • When I get home, I always take off my shoes.

You can use put on / take off with clothes, shoes, hats, watches, and jewelry.

Find out

To discover or learn information.

  • Can you find out what time the first train to London arrives?
  • I just found out that my coworkers are going to have a surprise birthday party for me.

Find out can be used to discover information on purpose (first example) or by accident (second example).

Give up

To stop doing something.

  • I need to give up smoking.
  • The book was so difficult that I gave up. I didn’t finish the book.
  • My doctor says I need to give up fast food.

You can use give up with an activity (smoking) or a thing (fast food).

Put away

To put something in its place.

  • Your clothes are all over the floor. Please put them away.
  • I put away all the toys, then cleaned the house.

Throw away (Throw out)

To put something in the garbage/trash.

  • The bananas were rotten, so I threw them away.
  • I accidentally threw out some important documents!  🙁

Fill in

To give missing information.

  • Please fill in the missing word in this sentence: My brother _____ 12 years old.
  • To get a passport, I filled in two forms and paid $200.

Get along (+ with)

To have a good relationship.

  • My parents get along very well. They’ve been married for 35 years.
  • We get along with our boss. We enjoy working for her.
  • I don’t get along with my brother. We fight all the time.

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