10 English Expressions with the Word BOOK

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#1 – a bookworm

= a person who loves reading and reads a lot

My daughter’s a real bookworm – she reads at least 10 books a month!

#2 – hit the books

= to study

I have a final exam tomorrow, so I need to hit the books tonight.

#3 – do something by the book

= follow the rules exactly

The new manager does everything by the book and expects all employees to do the same.

#4 – take/borrow a leaf/page out of someone’s book

= to imitate another person’s actions because they are successful

Jim buys his wife flowers every day. I wish my husband would take a leaf out of his book!

#5 – try/use every trick in the book

= try everything possible (including clever/dishonest ways) to accomplish something that you want to do

The journalist tried every trick in the book to get an interview with the actress.

#6 – cook the books

= to record false financial information in the accounts of an organization

The company’s accountant was fired for cooking the books.

#7 – one for the record books

= something that sets a new record, or something that is remarkable

My mother danced for 5 hours straight at the wedding – that was one for the record books!

#8 – an open book

= describing a person as “an open book” means that the person is easy to understand and doesn’t hide their thoughts or emotions

Everyone knows the details of Maria’s personal life – she’s an open book.

A similar expression is saying that you “can read (someone) like a book” – that means you know the person extremely well and can perceive their feelings and thoughts.

#9 – wrote the book on (topic)

= to have very comprehensive knowledge about a particular area

If you’re interested in an acting career, you should talk to Tom. He wrote the book on getting started in the film industry.

#10 – don’t / you can’t judge a book by its cover

= don’t form an opinion about someone/something based only on external appearances

Just because my boyfriend has a lot of tattoos doesn’t mean he’s a troublemaker. You can’t judge a book by its cover!

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