10 English Idioms with the word SHOW

#1 – a show of hands

= asking people to raise their hands if they approve of something or will answer “yes” to a question

Can I see a show of hands for how many people are available to help out at the festival?

#2 – just for show

= mainly to appear good, to make a good impression on other people, but doesn’t necessarily reflect the true situation

The company gives an “Employee of the Year” award, but it’s just for show – the winner doesn’t get any real benefits.

#3 – a no-show

= someone who doesn’t appear for a previously scheduled appointment

The client who was supposed to come at 3:30 was a no-show, so I went home early.

#4 – show your true colors

= reveal the true nature of your character

When things get stressful, that’s when people start to show their true colors.

#5 – show someone the door

= order the person to leave. This can be used when someone is fired from their job, or kicked out of someone’s life after the end of a romantic relationship.

Gary’s performance at work was getting worse and worse, and eventually the company showed him the door.

Note: When we want to talk about bringing a guest in your home or office to the door as he/she is leaving, we say show (the person) to the door, or show (the person) out.

#6 – show someone the ropes

= teach someone the details of a task or procedure

During my first week on the job, my co-workers showed me the ropes.

#7 – show someone who’s boss

= make it clear to the other person that you have more power/authority

If the kids in the classroom are misbehaving, the teacher must show them who’s boss.

10 English Idioms with the word SHOW Espresso English

She needs to show the kids who’s boss! (Image source)

#8 – show what you’re made of

= prove how smart, strong, or brave you are

My boss has given me a huge project – now’s my chance to show what I’m made of.

#9 – show biz

= short for “show business” – the industry of performance and entertainment (theater, music, TV, movies, radio, etc.)

She quit her job in Boston and moved to Hollywood to pursue a career in show biz.

#10 – steal the show

= get all the attention and praise, especially at an event or performance

All the singers were good, but Brian completely stole the show!

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10 English Idioms with the word SHOW Espresso English

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