10 English Phrasal Verbs with PUT

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#1 – put away

= place an object in its proper location

Here are your clean clothes – please put them away.
(put them in the closet, in the dresser, etc.)

English Phrasal Verbs - Put Away
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#2 – put back

= return an object to the location where it came from.
The opposite of “take something out”

After you’re done using the dictionary, put it back.
(put it in the bookshelf, in the location from which you originally took it)

English Phrasal Verbs - Put Back

#3 – put down

1. To write on a piece of paper (sometimes we just say “put” without “down”)

  • I’m making a shopping list. I already put down bread, cheese, and butter – what else do we need to get?

2. To criticize and humiliate

  • Every time I try to add something to the conversation, my brother puts me down by saying my opinions are stupid.

3. To kill an animal that is sick, old, suffering, or dangerous

  • When our cat got cancer, we decided to put her down.

#4 – put forth / put forward

= to offer an idea, plan, or proposal for consideration

I’d like to put forward a suggestion or two.

English Phrasal Verbs - Put Forward

#5 – put off

English Phrasal Verbs - Put Off
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1. To delay doing something, procrastinate

  • I’ve been putting off this assignment for the past week; I just can’t seem to get started!

2. Make a bad impression, make somebody repulsed or disgusted

  • She seemed unfriendly. Her attitude really put me off.

#6 – put on

English Phrasal Verbs - Put On
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1. Start wearing or using (clothing, accessories, makeup)

  • She put on her boots and got ready to go out in the rain.

2. Produce a show or performance

  • The local theater company is putting on “Romeo and Juliet.”

3. (slang) Trick or deceive someone

  • You won the lottery?! No way… you’re putting me on, right?
    (another similar expression is “You’re kidding”)

#7 – put out

English Phrasal Verbs - Put Out
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1. Extinguish (a fire or cigarette)

  • The firefighters quickly put out the fire in the apartment building.

2. Publish (usually a regular or frequent publication)

  • The organization puts out a monthly newsletter.

3. Inconvenience someone

  • Is it OK if I arrive early? I don’t want to put you out in any way.

#8 – put through

= transfer or connect somebody on the telephone

The customer service representative couldn’t help me, so he put me through to a manager.

English Phrasal Verbs - Put Through
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#9 – put somebody up

1. Give somebody a place to stay at your home

  • Don’t worry about finding a hotel – I can put you up for a few days.

2. If you put somebody up to something, it means you encourage or persuade the person to do something

  • My son is normally very well-behaved, but his friends put him up to playing a prank on the teacher.

#10 – put up with

= tolerate; accept an annoying situation or behavior

I can’t put up with all the noise in the dormitory – I need a quieter place to study.


English Phrasal Verbs - Put Up With
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