10 English words with alternative pronunciation


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The English language has a lot of regional variations and different accents – and there are some words that have two different (but correct) ways to pronounce them! Here are some of the most common ones. So, which way should you say these words? You can choose whichever way you think sounds best – or whichever way other English speakers around you tend to say them.


Definition: the sister of your mother or father

Can be pronounced ant rhyming with “pants,” or ahnt rhyming with “want”


Definition: a decorative container for flowers

Can be pronounced vays rhyming with “face” or vahz with the “ah” sound in “father”


Definition: a paper container for a letter, that you use to mail it

The first “en” can be pronounced en as in “pen” or on as in “pond”


Definition: a red fruit

The “a” can be pronounced like the “a” in “hate” or like the “a” in “father”


Definition: a way leading to a destination

Can be pronounced root rhyming with “fruit,” or rowt rhyming with “out”


Definition: a smooth, brown, chewy candy made from sugar, butter, and milk

Can be pronounced KAR-a-mel with the “kar” rhyming with “bear”, or KAHR-mul with the “kahr” rhyming with “far”


Definition: a type of competition in which competitors are eliminated until there is one winner

The “tour” part can be pronounced tor to rhyme with “four” or ter to rhyme with “her”


Definition: clothes used for sleeping

The “ja” part can be pronounced like in the word “jog,” or like the word “jam”


Definition: a small extra space inside a wall, or a special area of activity/skill/demand

Can be pronounced nitch to rhyme with “which” or neesh with the “ee” sound in “need” and SH sound at the end.


Definition: a type of nut

Can be pronounced 3 ways!

  • pi-CAHN (with the “ah” as in father)
  • pi-CAN (with the “a” as in fan)
  • PEE-can (stress on first syllable, “ee” as in “see”)

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