10 English Words with Surprising Pronunciation

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#1 – caveat

The word caveat refers to an element of warning, caution, or clarification.

#2 – choir

choir is a group of singers.

#3 – epitome

If something is the epitome of a certain category or type, it means it is the best example of it.

#4 – mishap

Mishap is another word for an unfortunate accident.

#5 – canoe

canoe is a type of boat.

#6 – facade (or façade)

Façade refers to the front of a building. It can also be used metaphorically to be used for an artificial “front” that someone presents to the world, but the reality is very different.

#7 – bouquet

A bouquet is a nicely-arranged group of flowers.

#8 – mortgage

A mortgage is a loan you get from a bank specifically to buy a house.

#9 – salmon

Salmon is a type of fish.

#10 – endeavor

Endeavor refers to a project or a specific effort.

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