10 Shortened Words in English

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ad = advertisement

“Have you seen the new McDonald’s ad? It’s pretty funny.”

a beaut = a beauty

“My brother and I both love classic cars. He has a 1960 Cadillac, and it’s a beaut.”

comfy = comfortable

“These pants are really comfy – they’re perfect for yoga or dance.”

legit = legitimate

“The story seems incredible, but I’ve checked all the facts and it’s totally legit.”

meds = medications

“He’s taking strong meds to help control his depression.”

prep = preparation, prepare

“The singer is backstage, prepping for her performance in a few minutes.”

promo = promotion, promotional

“I booked the flight for half-price during a holiday promo.

rep = representative

“The sales rep explained the difference between the various types of the product.”

sub = substitute or submarine

“All the kids misbehave when there’s a sub in the classroom.”

“The navy sent a sub to attack the enemy battleship.”

undies = underwear

“Pull your pants up – your undies are showing.”

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10 Shortened Words in English Espresso English