Do you have difficulty putting English words together in a NATURAL way?

This e-book will help you learn 1000 collocations – the typical combinations of words that are frequently used by native English speakers.

When you learn these, you’ll be able to make sentences in English more easily – and your sentences will sound more fluent.

Each lesson takes just 10 minutes, so it’s easy to improve your fluency fast!


Study just 10 minutes a day to make your English sound more natural.


E-Book (128 pages, PDF)

Audio (50 mp3 files)

A FAST way to improve your English!

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What students say:

“I’ve been learning lots of new words and I think that my English sounds more natural every day. I discovered many expressions that I never saw in the common English books.”
– Carlos

“Your 1000 Collocations e-book is absolutely essential to speak English confidently, avoiding mistakes or inappropriate sentences.”
– Manuel




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