15 difficult English words to pronounce

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Once I asked my students, “What are the most difficult English words for you to pronounce?” and I got a lot of great answers!

Today we’re going to practice 15 words that English learners often find hard to say. I’ll say each one once slowly, once at normal speed, and then I’ll say an example sentence – so listen and repeat after me each time.

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15 difficult English words to pronounce Espresso English

I hope you’re ready to listen and repeat these challenging words – let’s try them!


He married someone from a different culture.


We rarely go to the beach.


She’s a successful businesswoman.


After a lot of discussion, we eventually came to an agreement.


One disadvantage of living in a big city is the pollution.


There are about 400 million native English speakers in the world.


We discussed the issue thoroughly at the meeting this morning.


There’s fresh fruit salad in the refrigerator.

Note: Many people say “fridge” instead!


You should always tell the truth.


I specifically asked not to be disturbed.


Unfortunately, it looks like it’s going to rain all weekend.


There have been power outages throughout the state.


We saw some spectacular fireworks.


My birthday is on November 6th.


We travel regularly for work.

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15 difficult English words to pronounce Espresso English

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