18 Phrasal verbs with “take”

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Different types of phrasal verbs

Take after somebody

Have a similar appearance or personality (especially a relative)

  • She takes after her mother – they have the same green eyes and curly brown hair.
  • John is such a funny person. He takes after his grandfather, who was a comedian.

Take something apart

Separate something into parts

  • The technician is taking apart the TV so that he can fix it.

Take something back

1) Return something to a store:

  • The jeans I bought were too small, so I took them back and exchanged them for a larger size.

2) Admit that something you said was wrong:

  • I’m sorry I said you were stupid. I take it back.

Take something down

1) Separate a structure into parts

  • After the circus was over, the workers took down the big tents.

2) Write information on paper

  • She took down my address and phone number and said she’d call me later.

Take somebody in

To let somebody stay in your house

  • My friend lost his job and his apartment, so I took him in for a month.

Take something in

1) Receive and understand information

  • The instructor spoke so fast that I couldn’t take in all the information.

2) Make clothing smaller so that it fits you

  • I love this dress, but it’s a little too loose. Could you take it in an inch?

Take off

1) An airplane leaving the ground and going up into the air

  • What time does the plane take off?

2) Become successful or popular very fast

  • In the last few years, social media sites have taken off all over the world.

3) Leave a place suddenly (informal)

  • He was at the party for about 15 minutes, and then he took off.

Take something off

1) Remove a piece of clothing from your body

  • I always take off my shoes as soon as I get home.

2) Not go to work for a period of time

  • Jamie took three days off to go skiing in the mountains

Take something on

Accept some work or responsibility

  • Do you have time to take on a new project?

Take somebody on

1) Hire or employ somebody

  • The company has taken on three new staff members.

2) Fight or compete against somebody

  • In tonight’s boxing match, Antonio will take on an undefeated boxer from Argentina.

Take somebody out

Go with somebody to a restaurant or movie and pay for their food or ticket

  • I’m taking my girlfriend out to dinner on our anniversary.

Take something out

Remove something from a place

  • I took the letter out of the envelope.

Take something out on somebody

Treat an innocent person badly because you are tired or angry about something else

  • Hey, I know you had a terrible day at work – but don’t take it out on me!

Take over something

Take control

  • Germany took over several other countries during World War II.

Take somebody through something

Explain something to somebody in detail

  • Let me take you through the procedure for operating this machine. First, you need to…

Take up something

1) Fill space or time

  • These books are taking up all the space in my room.
  • Last month an urgent project took up all my spare time.

2) Start doing something regularly

  • I’ve recently taken up yoga.

Take somebody up on something

Accept an offer or invitation

  • “When you travel to China, you’re welcome to stay at my house.”
    “Really? I might take you up on that!”

Take something up with somebody

Complain to someone about a problem

  • If you don’t like the way I do my job, take it up with my manager.

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