20 English Collocations with the Word BREAK

Break is one of the most common verbs in the English language. Here are some common collocations using the word break!

#1 – break a habit

= stop doing the habit

#2 – break a bone / break your arm

= fracture a bone; injure yourself

#3 – Break a leg!

= this is an idiomatic expression that means “Good luck!” – it is often used to wish someone good luck when they are going to perform.

#4 – break a promise

= not do what you promised (the opposite is “keep a promise”)

#5 – break a record

= perform better than the previous record

#6 – break a window

= make a crack or hole in the window

#7 – break the ice

= initiate social interaction, especially in a situation where people are being shy and hesitant

#8 – break someone’s heart

= cause emotional pain or grief to a person who loves you

#9 – break the rules

= do something that is prohibited by a rule

#10 – break the law

= do something that is illegal; it is prohibited by law

20 English Collocations with the Word BREAK Espresso English

#11 – break the news to someone

= tell someone some new information (often bad news)

#12 – break even

= earn as much money as you spent, so the earning and spending cancel each other out and the result is $0

#13 – break the silence

= make a noise, interrupting a period of silence

#14 – break loose

= escape from a restraint or confinement

#15 – break wind

= this is an informal way to say “release intestinal gas”

#16 – break ground

= begin digging into the ground for a new construction project. A small ceremony is often done to commemorate this.

20 English Collocations with the Word BREAK Espresso English

#17 – break new ground

= make progress into a new area; advance beyond previous achievements in an area

#18 – break a code

= figure out a secret code, so that you can understand the message

#19 – break one’s fall

= lessen the impact of a falling person hitting the ground

#20 – break the mold

= do something differently after it has been done the same way for a long time

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20 English Collocations with the Word BREAK Espresso English

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