3 Levels of English Pronunciation

3 Levels of English Pronunciation Espresso English

Good English pronunciation is one of the secrets to speaking English fluently. Your “pronunciation level” is different from your level of English – for example, it’s possible for a beginner English student to have excellent pronunciation, and for an advanced English student to have bad pronunciation.

The three levels of English pronunciation are:

1) English speakers don’t understand you.

At this level, your pronunciation of English words is so different that native English speakers find it very difficult to understand you. You need to repeat what you say frequently.

2) English speakers understand you with concentration.

At this level, native English speakers can understand you, but they need to pay attention carefully because of your accent. You only need to repeat things sometimes.

3) English speakers understand you easily.

At this level, you may still have an accent, but you can speak English clearly enough to be understood all the time. You almost never need to repeat what you say in English.

How can you get from “Level 1” up to “Level 3”?

Here are pronunciation tips from 27 different English teachers.

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3 Levels of English Pronunciation Espresso English

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