5 informal ways to say “no” in English


  • “Did you study for the test?”
  • “Nope. I spent the whole night playing video games.”


  • “Do you think she’s mad at me?”
  • “Nah. She’s just having a bad day.”


  • “Did you buy those new shoes you wanted?”
  • “Mm-mm. They were too expensive.”


  • “Hey, can I borrow $20?”
  • “Uh-uh. I gave you $30 last week, and you still haven’t paid me back.”

No way

  • “Would you ever go skydiving?”
  • “No way! I’m afraid of heights.”

These expressions are informal – you can use them with friends. In a professional situation, it is better to use “No” or other more formal expressions (I will post a lesson on these next week!)

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