English has a lot of confusing words, like “specially” and “especially,” or “distinct” and “distinctive,” or “compliment” and “complement.”

You might wonder, “What’s the real difference? When do I use THIS word and not THAT one?” Those doubts can make you hesitate to speak English because you’re afraid of making mistakes.

You will find answers to your questions about confusing words inside this e-book! It will help you understand exactly how to use 600+ confusing English words correctly – so that you can speak English more confidently.


No more doubts! Learn how to use confusing English words correctly.


600+ Confusing English Words Explained

E-Book (209 pages, PDF)

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A CLEAR understanding of how to use 600+ words!

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What students say:

“I specifically liked the detailed explanations and numbers of sample sentences. This E-Book is perfect :-)”
– Maria

“This is very helpful for any English learner.”
– Abdoul

600+ Confusing English Words E-Book + Audio


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