8 Phrasal Verbs with CUT

8 Phrasal Verbs with CUT Espresso English

“Cut” is used in these phrasal verbs

cut across

To go across a place rather than around it, to make the trip faster.

Let’s cut across the park on the way home from school – it’ll be faster.

cut back (on) / cut down (on)

1. To reduce (especially spending)

We’re cutting back on entertainment in order to save up for our vacation. Instead of going to the movies once a week, we’re going once a month.

2. To consume less

I’m on a diet – I’m cutting down on fast food.

3. Cut down can also be used in the literal sense, regarding trees:

8 Phrasal Verbs with CUT Espresso English

He’s cutting down a tree.

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cut in

1. Enter a conversation by interrupting

I couldn’t have a serious conversation with Barry because my sister kept cutting in.

2. When two people are dancing, and a third person interrupts them to dance with one of them.

May I cut in? I’d like to dance with Joanna.

3. To “cut in line” is to enter a line ahead of other people who have been waiting longer:

8 Phrasal Verbs with CUT Espresso English

Cut it out!

Say “cut it out” when you want to tell another person to stop their bad behavior.

(your kids are running around the house yelling and screaming)
Cut it out! I’m trying to take a nap!”

cut off

1. To remove something from something bigger.

I cut the tags off my new clothing.

2. When the telephone connection disconnects accidentally

We were cut off in the middle of our conversation.

3. To stop the supply of something

Our electricity was cut off after we didn’t pay the bill for 3 months.

4. To interrupt

I tried to explain about the problem, but she cut me off and said she didn’t want to hear about it.

5. To drive in front of another car suddenly

He got angry when another car cut him off on the highway.

cut out

1. To remove something (like a picture) from something bigger (like a magazine).

I cut the article out of the newspaper.

2. To “cut someone out” is to exclude them.

Helen cut her ex-boyfriend out of her life. She doesn’t even want to be friends with him.

3. When an engine, motor, or other machine stops.

I was terrified when the plane’s engines suddenly cut out.

cut up

To cut (with scissors) into smaller pieces.

8 Phrasal Verbs with CUT Espresso English

“The teacher cut the paper up into triangles.”

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8 Phrasal Verbs with CUT Espresso English

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