When you want to visit or live in an English-speaking country, you need to learn the REAL English that everyday people use. It’s important to focus on practical words and phrases… and not only “studying” them, but also using them yourself!

Here are the Espresso English courses I recommend for you:

Everyday English Speaking

Learn real English phrases for everyday situations – these are the expressions that native English speakers use in day-to-day life. These lessons are based on conversations that teach you the phrases in context.

Level 1 of the course is focused on practical situations like conversations on the phone, at restaurants, while shopping, traveling, socializing, and much more. Level 2 teaches you more phrasal verbs, slang, and informal expressions through more advanced conversations.

You can also record yourself speaking and send in the audio for feedback from a teacher. Students say this course is useful, practical, and fun!

Vocabulary Builder Courses

Learn a total of 2000+ useful English words on topics like daily life, work & study, travel & entertainment, people & ideas, and society & the world. You’ll also learn deeper, more complex, and more colorful vocabulary to expand your vocabulary far beyond the basics and improve your English fluency.

These courses give you a quick, easy, effective way to expand your vocabulary so that you can express yourself better in English. You can practice the new words with quizzes and short-answer writing exercises that you can send in for feedback and correction.

Phrasal Verbs in Conversation Course

Phrasal verbs like get up, get out, get away, etc. are VERY common in English. In this course, you’ll learn more than 500 of them in a natural way – in conversations! Learning phrasal verbs in context helps you understand and remember them better – and you can also practice with quizzes and writing exercises.

Listening Course

Do you want to understand native English speakers better? Here’s an EFFECTIVE way to improve your listening comprehension! The lessons in this course follow a step-by-step method that helps you make progress towards understanding every word. It includes a variety of voices, accents, and speeds, so that you can practice listening to different speakers. And you’ll learn new vocabulary about the various topics, too.

300+ English Idioms Course

Traditional English textbooks don’t focus on idioms… but they are so common in movies, TV shows, and casual conversations! This course will teach you learn idiomatic expressions effectively – not just giving you a list to memorize, but instead by showing you examples, helping you figure them out from context, and helping you practice using them in your own English.