When you’re at the upper-intermediate or advanced level in English, you already know a lot – but you still struggle with completely understanding native speakers, as well as using more complex grammar structures and informal expressions. At this level, it’s important to get feedback from a teacher or a native speaker to help you improve further.

Here are the best Espresso English products for upper-intermediate and advanced students:

Vocabulary Builder Course – Level 2

This course will teach you deeper, more complex, and more colorful vocabulary to expand your vocabulary far beyond the basics and improve your English fluency. You’ll learn 1000+ words, and you can practice them with quizzes and short-answer writing exercises that you can send in for feedback and correction.

Everyday English Speaking – Level 2

Learn how talk more like a native English speaker! This course will help you understand conversations better, learn the expressions native speakers use, and speak more fluently. The lessons are based on dialogues, so you can see exactly how each word and phrase is used in context. You can also record yourself speaking and send in the audio for feedback from a teacher.

Listening Course

Are you looking for an EFFECTIVE way to improve your listening comprehension? The lessons in this course follow a step-by-step method that helps you make progress towards understanding every word. It includes a variety of voices, accents, and speeds, so that you can practice listening to different speakers. And you’ll learn new vocabulary about the various topics, too.

Reading Course

Let’s make reading in English fun instead of frustrating! You’ll improve your reading skills with lessons about various topics in history, science, and culture. These articles were written at a typical reading level for native English speakers. They are designed to challenge you, teach you, and build confidence in your reading ability. You also have the option to do writing tasks and send them in for feedback from a teacher.

Advanced English Grammar Course

This course will help you take your English from “pretty good” to “great!” You’ll study and master the more complex areas of English grammar – like mixed verb tenses, advanced sentence structures, conditionals, connecting words, and much more. The lessons are designed to help you SEE the grammar in action, truly UNDERSTAND how it works, and then USE it yourself! You also have the option to do writing tasks and send them in for feedback from a teacher.

Advanced Vocabulary & Collocations Course

Learn 1000+ high-level vocabulary words, so you can speak and write like a master of the English language. You’ll build your vocabulary with advanced words, learn to put them together the same way a native English speaker would, and practice your new vocabulary so you’ll actually remember it. The result? You’ll sound more intelligent and well-educated in English!

300+ English Idioms Course

Traditional English textbooks don’t focus on idioms… but they are so common in movies, TV shows, and casual conversations! This course will teach you idiomatic expressions effectively – not just giving you a list to memorize, but instead by showing you examples, helping you figure them out from context, and helping you practice using them in your own English.

Slang & Informal English E-Book

English slang words book

Learn the most popular, most current slang expressions used in English today. In this e-book, the slang is organized by topic so that it’s easier for you to learn – and I also explain how offensive (or not) each term is. There are also a LOT of example sentences, so you can see exactly how to use each word.