Best Espresso English courses for academics

If you’re learning English for school or college, you’ll want to avoid making mistakes that could cause you to lose points on tests and assignments. It’s also important to strengthen your reading and writing abilities, as these are essential in the academic world.

Here are the Espresso English courses I recommend for you:

1000 English Collocations E-Book

1000 Collocations in 10 Minutes a Day E-Book

Learn the common combinations of words used by native English speakers, so you can make sentences more easily. These lessons fit into your busy lifestyle: 5 minutes to read the lesson, 5 minutes to take the quiz, and you’re done! Learning collocations will help you speak English more fluently and naturally.

200 Common Errors in English course

200 Common Errors in English Course

Learn how to fix the most common errors in grammar, vocabulary, spelling, pronunciation, and learning strategy. When you know the RIGHT way to say things, you’ll be able to speak and write in English much more confidently. Don’t let the fear of making mistakes stop you… take this course to learn how to avoid them instead!

Reading Course

Reading Course

Let’s make reading in English fun instead of frustrating! You’ll improve your reading skills with lessons about various topics in history, science, and culture. These articles were written at a typical reading level for native English speakers. They are designed to challenge you, teach you, and build confidence in your reading ability. You also have the option to do writing tasks and send them in for feedback from a teacher.

600+ Confusing English Words E-Book

600+ Confusing English Words Explained E-Book

Learn exactly how to use 600+ words that many English learners confuse. Short, sweet lessons teach you quickly and efficiently. I’ll clear up your doubts and make these confusing words easy to understand – so you can use them confidently!

Advanced English Grammar Course

Advanced English Grammar Course

Master the more complex areas of English grammar – like mixed verb tenses, advanced sentence structures, conditionals, connecting words, and much more. The lessons are designed to help you SEE the grammar in action, truly UNDERSTAND how it works, and then USE it yourself! You also have the option to do writing tasks and send them in for feedback from a teacher.

Advanced English Vocabulary and Collocations Course

Advanced Vocabulary & Collocations Course

Learn 1,000+ high-level words and expressions to help you sound more sophisticated in English. This course will help you build your vocabulary with advanced words, learn how to put them together naturally, and practice the new words so you won’t forget them. Fast, focused lessons give you a powerful vocabulary boost in a few minutes a day!