Common Errors in English: Lose and Miss

Don’t say: “I lost my flight.”

Say: “I missed my flight.”

Use lose with objects:

  • “Oh no! I lost my keys!”

Use lose with sports games:

  • “My favorite soccer team lost 3-0 in the semifinal.”

Use miss with transportation (flights, trains, buses):

  • “I missed the 7:00 train, so I had to take the 8:00 one.”

Use miss with events and opportunities:

  • “You missed a great English class yesterday!”

We also use miss to talk about feeling sad when we don’t see someone:

  • “My brother moved to Australia last year. I really miss him!”

Clear up your doubts about confusing words… and use English more confidently!

Common Errors in English: Lose and Miss Espresso English

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