Commonly Mispronounced Words in English

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Words ending in OUS

The ous at the end of these words sounds like iss. It does not sound like “house.”

Pronunciation Practice:

famous, various, serious, nervous, obvious, previous, religious, victorious

Words ending in TION

The tion sounds like shin.

Pronunciation Practice:

association, definition, population, promotion, section, solution, tradition

Words ending in ATE

In some words ending in ate (usually verbs), it sounds like the word eight. 

Pronunciation Practice:

accelerate, initiate, concentrate, simulate, fascinate, hallucinate

In other words ending in ate (usually nouns/adjectives), it sounds like et or it.

Pronunciation Practice:

private, adequate, candidate, delicate, desperate, certificate

Some words can be both:

separate (v. / n.)

associate (v. / n.)

graduate (v. / n.)

alternate  (v. / adj.)

estimate (v. / n.)

Words ending in ANCE and ENCE

We do not usually make a distinction in the pronunciation of ANCE and ENCE endings. They both sound like ENCE.

Pronunciation Practice:

absence, violence, experience, conference, evidence, influence, obedience

Pronunciation Practice:

attendance, balance, distance, entrance, resistance, performance, importance


finance, advance, chance, glance, trance (one-syllable words)

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