Difference between ALTAR and ALTER

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ALTAR (noun)

An altar (n.) is an elevated place (like a type of table) where religious ceremonies are performed, or where offerings are left for the gods or spirits:

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ALTER (verb)

The verb alter is a more formal word for change.

  • Art has the potential to alter our perception of the world.
  • These vegetables have been genetically altered to be richer in vitamins.
  • You can re-publish the article in its original form; it may not be altered.

The noun form is alteration:

  • I made a few alterations to the project proposal.
    = I made a few changes to the project proposal.
  • May I suggest one alteration to the schedule for the conference?
    = May I suggest one change to the schedule for the conference?

Again, this word is a little more formal. In casual spoken English, we can simply use the word “change” as both a noun and a verb.

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