English Phrasal Verbs for Everyday Life

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Here are 10 English phrasal verbs based on my daily routine!

#1 – My morning coffee makes me perk up

I’m not a morning person (someone who has a lot of energy in the morning), so I need some coffee to help me perk up. The phrasal verb perk up describes when someone becomes happier and in a better mood after feeling not so good.

#2 – I look through my e-mails and dash off quick replies

I get a ton of (a very large number of) e-mails from students, so one of the first things I do is look through my messages. To look through means to look at a number of things quickly.

I also dash off replies to any messages that need quick responses – the phrasal verb dash off means to write (and usually send) something fast.

#3 – I come up with new lessons

The main part of my work is coming up with new lessons. The phrasal verb come up with means to create or invent.

#4 – I heat up some food for lunch

If I have leftover food (food that I prepared previously and saved), then I heat it up using the microwave, stove, or oven. To heat up food means to raise the temperature, to make it hot.

#5 – I flesh out my ideas

I have a lot of ideas for Espresso English, and I try to flesh them out – this phrasal verb means to add more details or information to the basic outline of an idea or project.

#6 – I wrap up my work

In the afternoon, I wrap up my work. The phrasal verb wrap up means to finish, to bring to a close. I could also use the phrasal verb finish up here – this is simply an informal way to say “finish.”

#7 – I go to the store and stock up on supplies

I then make a trip to the supermarket. If something is on sale, I stock up on it – this means to buy a lot of a particular item in order to keep in reserve.

#8 – Before doing exercise, I warm up

In the evening, I do some exercise. Before starting to work out (exercise) intensely, I warm up – this phrasal verb means to do a “light” version of the activity in order to prepare for more intense/difficult activity.

#9 – Later, I meet up with friends

Afterwards, I make plans to meet up with my friends. This phrasal verb is an informal way to say I encounter my friends.

#10 – It doesn’t take me long to doze off

It’s been a full day, so at night, it’s pretty easy for me to doze off (fall asleep).

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