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Hi students! It’s Shayna, your teacher from EspressoEnglish.net and today we’re going to practice pronouncing some difficult English words that feature the letter R.

The letter R may be pronounced differently in your native language, but in English it sounds like R. Let’s warm up by practicing some simple words with the R sound:

  • or
  • are
  • were
  • red
  • rug

OK, now let’s move on to some of our more difficult words! I’m going to explain them and help you pronounce them correctly.

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All right, are you ready?

How to pronounce “choir”

Our first word is choir, referring to a singing group – this one is tricky because the CH sounds like a K, and the O sounds more like an U. So all together it’s like “KWI-er.”

Rhymes with fire – choir.

How to pronounce “drawer”

Next we have an everyday object in the house, and that is a drawer. The initial D sounds like a J, and we have two R sounds. The “aw” in the middle actually sounds more like an “o”

So drawer rhymes with store

Try saying it really slowly: ddddrrrraaawwweeerrr

And then at a more normal speed: drawer

How to pronounce “rural”

Another word a lot of English students have trouble with is rural. Your tongue might get mixed up between the two Rs and the L. So try saying just the “rur” part and then adding “al”

rur – al



It’s not easy!

How to pronounce “rarely”

Another word with two Rs and an L is rarely. Again, let’s first say “rare” and then add “ly”:

rare – ly



How to pronounce “jewelry”

Next there’s the word jewelry – and what’s crazy about this word is that some people pronounce it with three syllables, like JOO-ler-y, and others say it more like JOOL-ry with two syllables.

The joo-ler-y pronunciation seems contrary to the spelling, but you will sometimes hear it. I think the JOOL-ry pronunciation is easier and makes more sense, so let’s work on that:

JOOL – ry



How to pronounce “library”

Next we have library. Some people mistakenly pronounce this liberry, forgetting the BR in the middle. But the correct pronunciation is: LI-brer-y

LI – brer – y



How to pronounce “February”

The month of February looks similar, but most people actually do NOT pronounce the R after the B. Instead, we say: FEB-you-er-y

Repeat after me, once slow, once fast:

FEB – you – er – y


How to pronounce “regularly”

Another difficult 4-syllable word with R is regularly. To master the pronunciation, it’s best to break it up into parts:

REG – you – lar – ly



Just keep practicing, and eventually your tongue will master the pattern of these Rs and Ls!

How to pronounce “temperature”

Finally we have the word temperature. Let’s start with just the first two syllables:



Easy, right?

Now the -ature part actually just sounds like “chur” in fast spoken English. So we have:

TEM – per – chur



Do you have a difficult word that you want to know how to pronounce correctly in English? If so, tell me about it, and I’ll add it to my list for future videos!

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Keep on practicing and with time, you will be able to pronounce these difficult R words well. See you in the next video!

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English pronunciation practice: Difficult words with R Espresso English

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