English Pronunciation Practice: Six Tricky Consonant Clusters

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strong / a strong man

strategy / a brilliant strategy

stretch / let’s stretch before exercising

stripes / a shirt with red stripes

structure / a complex structure


thread / a small thread

thrill / she’s a thrill-seeker

thrive / the plants are thriving

throat / a sore throat

throughout / there’s rain throughout the region


splash / a big splash

splendor / the splendor of the castle

split / we’ll split an appetizer

splotch / a black splotch on the fabric

splurge / we splurged on a fancy restaurant


adapt / adapt to changing conditions

disrupt / disrupt the silence

inept / totally inept

script / memorize the script

developed / she developed a theory


square / a square table

squeeze / fresh-squeezed orange juice

squint / I squinted into the darkness

squirm / he squirmed in discomfort

squirrel / the dog chased a squirrel


dramatic / dramatic music

drift / the boat drifted on the ocean

drool / the baby is drooling

dropped / I dropped my hat

drunk / they’re completely drunk

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