English Vocabulary with Pictures: 27 Ocean Words

waves / high tide / low tide / undertow

Learn English Words - Wave

The photo shows a wave. When the wave falls, we say it breaks.

Sometimes you can feel a “pull” as the water goes back into the ocean after the wave breaks on the beach. This “pull” back towards the ocean is called an undertow. Be careful, because it can be strong!

The general level of the ocean water rises and falls too. High tide is when the water level is high and it comes up far onto the beach, and low tide is when the water level is low.


Learn English Words - Lifeguards

Lifeguards help swimmers stay safe.

Image source

Lifeguards are professionals who work at the beach (or at swimming pools) to help swimmers stay safe. If someone is in danger, the lifeguards can rescue them from the water and give emergency medical help.


Learn English Words - Seaweed

Sometimes, you see plants from the ocean wash up onto the beach. These plants are called seaweed. In some cultures (like Japanese), seaweed is eaten for food.

shells (seashells)

Learn English Words - Seashells

Do you like to collect seashells on the beach?

Image source

If you’re lucky, you might find some colorful seashells (or shells) on the beach!

boat / ship

Learn English Words - Boat and Ship

Image source 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

In general, the word boat is used for smaller vessels. Boats can be powered by a motor (motorboat or speedboat), by the wind (sailboat), or by manpower (rowboat).

The word ship is used for larger vessels, like the cruise ship in the picture. There are also cargo ships (used to carry products from one country to another) and warships (used for combat).

The type of vessel that travels under the water is called a submarine.


Learn English Words - Whale

Whales are very large ocean animals.


Learn English Words - Shark

Watch out for sharks!

Image source


Learn English Words - Jellyfish

Some jellyfish can also be dangerous.

Image source


Learn English Words - Stingray

Stingray is another common fish.

Image source


Learn English Words - Seagull

You often see seagulls near the ocean.

scuba diving

Learn English Words - Scuba Diving

Image source

You need special training and a license to go scuba diving. This scuba diver is wearing flippers on his feet, an oxygen tank on his back, and a mask on his face.


Learn English Words - Snorkeling

Snorkeling is done on the surface.

Image source

Snorkeling is different from scuba diving because it is done only on the surface of the water; you don’t go down deep. This snorkeler is looking at a coral reef.

swimsuit / one-piece / bikini

Learn English Words - Swimsuit

Two styles of swimsuit for women.

Image source 1 / 2

Swimsuit or bathing suit is the general term for what you wear to go swimming, for both women and men.

Styles of women’s swimsuits include one-piece swimsuits and bikinis.

briefs (speedo) / trunks

Learn English Words - Swim Trunks

Different styles of men’s swimsuits

Men’s swimsuits include briefs (also called a speedo), which is often worn by athletes and professional swimmers. Another common style is trunks or swim trunks, which look like long shorts.

sandals / flip-flops

Learn English Words - Sandals

Flip-flops are a specific type of sandal

Image source 1 / 2

Sandals are the general word for “open” shoes. Flip-flops are a specific type of sandal. They are often made of rubber and are designed like in the picture above. The name “flip-flop” comes from the sound they make when you are walking!

sunscreen / sunblock

Learn English Words - Sunblock

You should always use sunscreen!

Sunscreen or sunblock is the lotion you apply to your skin to protect it from the sun.

tan / sunburn

Learn English Words - Tan and Sunburn

Don’t get sunburned – ouch!

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