English Vocabulary Words: Gym Equipment

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Do you like to work out? That means to exercise.

I usually work out at the gym, and the gym has lots of different types of exercise equipment. You might not know the names of these in English, so today we’re going to learn 20 gym vocabulary words with pictures.

Remember, becoming fluent in English is just like reaching a high level of fitness – you need to exercise and practice consistently!

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On an elliptical, you stand and move your legs in a round and round motion – this helps you get exercise that’s similar to running, but without so much impact on your joints

stationary bike

The word stationary means it doesn’t move anywhere; you just stay in one place while pedaling. Classes where an instructor leads a group of people on stationary bikes while listening to music are often called “spin classes”


These heavy things are called weights, and the exercise of picking them up is called lifting weights




medicine ball

exercise ball


rowing machine

punching bag


for doing an exercise called pull-ups; you use your arms to pull the weight of your body up


you can adjust the height of the step by adding or removing the pieces underneath

resistance bands

these are stretchy elastic bands that can be used to do many different exercises


jump rope

fitness tracker

locker room 

personal trainer

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