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light bulb

English Vocabulary Words - Light bulb
When a light bulb doesn’t work anymore, we say the light bulb has burned out and we need to change it.


The top covering part is called a lampshade


Chandeliers are often found in very rich or fancy places


A flashlight is a small, portable, handheld light that is powered by batteries


The fire is contained inside the fireplace, and smoke goes up and out through the chimney


Candles are made of wax, and the string that burns is called the wick. When we make the candle start burning, we light the candle.


sunlight, moonlight

headlights, tail lights

headlights are in the front
tail lights are in the back

street lights

Street lights illuminate roads and public places

traffic light


A lighthouse helps guide ships to shore safely


The spotlight is used in theater and other performances to draw attention to the main people

dim, bright, blinding

When the level of light is low, we say the light is dim.
The opposite of dim light is bright light (strong light).
When the light is extremely intense, we can say it is blinding.

lighting vs. lightning

Lighting refers to the illumination of a place.
English Words - Lightning
Lightning refers to bolts of electricity from the sky during a thunderstorm

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