English word of the day: COOLLY

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Hi there! Are you ready for another word of the day? Today’s adverb is coolly – practice repeating it after me. COOL-ly. Coolly.

If you do something coolly, it means you do it calmly without panicking, and if you say something coolly, it means you speak in a neutral way without showing emotion.

Doctors and nurses who work in the emergency room at the hospital have the training and experience to react coolly to medical emergencies – so they don’t go crazy and panic, instead they do what needs to be done while maintaining their emotional control.

We usually admire people who can act coolly in the middle of a crisis or emergency, because they can often do the logical thing instead of being driven by fear.

An example of speaking coolly would be, let’s say I’m arguing with someone, and they are angry and start saying nasty things about me; they are trying to make me mad, but I reply coolly by saying something like “Well, that’s your opinion.” Or “I’m not interested in discussing this further.” I say those things calmly without being upset or sad or annoyed – I replied coolly.

What’s a time you reacted coolly to an intense situation, or responded coolly when speaking? Try to think of an example you acted this way, or you saw someone else act this way, and put this word into practice. OK, the next lesson will be our final word of the day for this month, so don’t miss it! Tune in for our next video tomorrow.


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