English word of the day: FORESIGHT

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Hi there! It’s our third word of the day in May, and today we’ll be learning the word foresight. Two syllables, FORE-sight. Foresight.

Foresight is the ability to imagine what might happen in the future. This is not like magically predicting the future, instead it’s like thinking logically about future possibilities or consequences, and being smart in that you can “see” what is likely to happen.

So maybe instead of spending all your money immediately, you save 10% of it so that one day when you retire, you stop working, you’ll have plenty of savings to live on. This shows foresight, you’re looking forward to the future and imagining that you’ll need money later in life.

Or let’s say there’s a married couple who doesn’t have any children yet, but they want to have kids in the next few years – they might have the foresight to buy a larger home with 2-3 bedrooms instead of a tiny apartment. They’re imagining the likely future of having children and needing that bigger space in the future. They have foresight.

Having foresight is considered a good thing because it helps you act responsibly in the present, since you have the future in view. Someone who lacks foresight, who doesn’t have it, would only think about now and not bother thinking about the future. So maybe that would be a student who spends all his time partying and doesn’t care about studying; he lacks foresight because he’s not thinking about the fact that he’ll miss out on future job opportunities.

Or it could be someone who buys an extremely cheap old car in order to save money, but then the old car has lots of mechanical problems and they end up spending MORE money to try to fix it. This person didn’t have the foresight to imagine that this could be their future, they were only thinking about saving money in that present moment.

Now put it into practice – write about a time when you had foresight… or when you lacked foresight. It’s important to create concrete example sentences in order to help you remember these words.

That’s all for today – thanks for joining me!


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