English word of the day: IMPECCABLE

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Hello! Today we’re learning one more adjective, and that is impeccable. This is four syllables, with the emphasis on the second one – im-PECC-a-ble. Impeccable.

Impeccable means perfect. Something that is without any flaws or defects. If you say someone speaks impeccable English, it means there are no mistakes. Or maybe you watch a musician play a piece of music, and her performance is impeccable – it’s perfect, it’s flawless (zero problems, zero errors). If you’re going to have brain surgery, you would want a surgeon whose technique is impeccable – it’s completely perfect, nobody could point out any problems or places to improve.

Sometimes you’ll hear it said that a person has “impeccable style” or “impeccable taste” – impeccable style means that lots of people would consider them to be very fashionable, with a great appearance in terms of clothes, hairstyle, makeup, and so on.

When we say someone has “impeccable taste,” we’re not talking about food, but rather the person’s judgment and decisions about what is good and attractive and appealing. If you really like the way someone’s apartment is decorated, you could say they have impeccable taste. Or if your friend always recommends fantastic movies, you could say they have impeccable taste in movies.

You can see there’s a bit of a difference here – if we’re talking about impeccable English or an impeccable performance, that’s something pretty much everyone could see is perfect. But impeccable style and impeccable taste is subjective – the movies I like might not be the movies you like.

So saying someone has impeccable style/taste is simply a way to compliment their style/taste, and say that you find it to be perfect. Someone else might disagree because they have different preferences.

Now I know a lot of you are aiming for impeccable English, but remember, your English does NOT need to be impeccable in order to communicate successfully – so please don’t take mistakes too seriously.

In fact, even native speakers, when we talk, our English is usually not impeccable, because spoken English is a little more flexible. But hopefully my lessons are helping your English continue to get better and better. Thanks for joining me today, and I’ll talk to you next time!


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