English word of the day: LENIENT

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Hello, welcome to another word of the day video! Today’s adjective is lenient – LEN-ient. Two syllables, the first one has the EE sound in seen – LEEN, lenient.

Lenient is the opposite of harsh and strict. So parents who are strict might have very rigid rules and always apply punishment for breaking the rules, but lenient parents would be more flexible; they would make exceptions, and maybe not punish a child in certain situations.

This word can also be applied to a judge or someone else in authority. For example, a judge who is lenient might give a criminal a lighter penalty if the criminal showed he was sorry for what he did. A boss who is lenient might forgive employee mistakes easily instead of reprimanding or speaking harshly to the employee who made the error.

Do you tend to be more strict, or more lenient? How about your parents, or your boss? Try to use this word in a sentence so that you can practice and remember it. That’s all for today – I’ll talk to you in the next video!


English word of the day: LENIENT Espresso English English word of the day: LENIENT Espresso English