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Hello and welcome to another word of the day video! Today’s word is mug and this tiny word has three different meanings.

A mug is a thick cup used to hold hot drinks like coffee or tea. It usually has a handle, or it can be insulated – this helps you take your coffee in the car, and it’s called a travel mug.

Mug can also be a verb meaning to attack and rob someone, to steal things from them. I was mugged on the streets of Paris and my wallet was stolen.

Finally mug is an slang word for face. I’d say the most common use of this meaning is when talking about a mug shot – this refers to the official picture the police take of a captured criminal.

OK? Mug – it’s one word, with three meanings. Hope you learned something new today, and I’ll see you in the next video.

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English Word of the Day - Mug Espresso English

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English Word of the Day - Mug Espresso English

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