English word of the day: PLIGHT

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Hello! Here’s another word of the day in May video – the word we’ll be learning today is plight. The GH is silent; it rhymes with fight and right. Plight.

What’s a plight? A plight is a bad or unfortunate situation. If you’re in a plight, then you’re in a situation where you have a problem, or you’re in some danger, or you’re just in bad circumstances.

One big global issue today is the plight of refugees – people who have left their home country because of violence or poverty, and now they have no home and they often have very few resources to survive. They’re in a difficult and unfortunate situation.

Or let’s say someone got addicted to gambling and they lost all their money and got into debt; they’d be in a plight, in a bad financial position. And maybe they’d have to take on an extra job to make more money and get out of their plight.

We can also use the word plight for bad situations that aren’t super serious. Like imagine a guy who promised his wife he’d take her out to dinner that night, but then his boss asks him to work late. Now he’s in a plight, or we could also say he has a plight – he has a problem, because he has to make a decision and someone is probably going to be mad at him, either his wife or his boss.

Write about a time you’ve been in a plight. Or maybe a time you’ve helped someone else with their plight. Let’s try to put this word into practice.

Thanks for watching, and I’ll talk to you next time!


English word of the day: PLIGHT Espresso English English word of the day: PLIGHT Espresso English