English word of the day: REPUTABLE

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Hi students! We’re in the middle of a special series called word of the day in May. We’ve already done a week of nouns, a week of verbs, and this week we’re turning our attention towards adjectives – these are words that describe people, places, or things.

Today’s adjective is reputable. Try saying it – REP-u-ta-ble. Four syllables, with the stress on the first one.

Describing a person or company as reputable means they have a good reputation, they are known to be reliable and trustworthy. You can trust them or depend on them to do good work and do what they promise.

If you’re doing renovations on your house and you need to hire a construction company, you would look for a reputable company – a company that other people can confirm does good work, and for a fair price. A reputable company wouldn’t do anything dishonest, like take your money and then not do the work completely.

To find out if a company is reputable, you might ask other people who have worked with them, or check online reviews of that company to read about other people’s experiences.

Or another example, when you’re reading the news online, you want to make sure you’re learning from reputable websites – ones that have a history of reporting the facts and not publishing lies, making mistakes, or only reporting one particular opinion or side.

What’s a company, website, or person you know is reputable? One you know you can trust to be honest and reliable. Try to use today’s word of the day in your own sentence. OK, thanks for watching and I’ll be back tomorrow with another adjective!


English word of the day: REPUTABLE Espresso English English word of the day: REPUTABLE Espresso English