English word of the day: REVERE

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Hi students! Today’s word of the day is the verb revere. This one has the stress on the second syllable – re-VERE. Revere.

To revere someone or something is to look at them with great respect, admiration, and devotion. You think they are awesome, you think they are like on a higher level, you almost worship them.

A little boy who plays soccer might revere a famous soccer player. If there’s a president or leader of a country who has done a lot of good for the population and society there, the people in that country would revere him or her. You could say that fans of a band revere the band’s lead singer.

Who is someone that you revere – currently, or maybe someone in the past, maybe someone you revered when you were a child. Write your own sentence to practice this verb. That’s all for today – bye for now!


English word of the day: REVERE Espresso English English word of the day: REVERE Espresso English