English word of the day: SAVOR

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Hi everyone! Are you ready for our next word of the day? It’s the verb savor – two syllables, SA-vor. Savor.

When you savor some food, a drink, or an experience, it means you really deeply enjoy it. Maybe you have some delicious chocolate or a fine wine – you wouldn’t just eat or drink it fast without paying attention. Instead you’d savor it, you’d probably consume it slowly and be very conscious, very aware of how much you appreciate it.

We often savor food or drink, but we can also savor a memory, a moment, a victory, or another experience. It’s the same meaning – taking the time to appreciate and enjoy it very much. If I live in a very busy city and I’m always stressed out, but then I get a chance to spend a weekend away in a quiet cabin next to a lake, I would savor the opportunity to rest and relax.

What’s something you have savored in the past? Again, it can be a food or drink, or an experience. Let’s put this verb into practice so you can remember it and use it in your own English. Hope you have a great day – bye for now!


English word of the day: SAVOR Espresso English English word of the day: SAVOR Espresso English