English word of the day: TENACIOUS

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Hello! It’s Shayna from and today’s adjective of the day is tenacious. Tenacious. That’s three syllables, with the stress on the middle one. Try saying it – ten-A-cious.

Describing someone as tenacious means they are very persistent. They are very determined to reach their goal, and they are strong and brave in continuing to take action towards that goal. They don’t get distracted, they don’t doubt themselves, they don’t stop pursuing their objective.

Let’s say there’s a mountain climber who suffered a serious injury, but she worked very hard in her physical therapy and she exercised and trained and eventually got back to full health, and continued climbing mountains. You could describe her as tenacious.

Or maybe one country took over another country and tried to impose a new religion on the people, but the people continued and preserved their original religion despite the pressure to change. They were tenacious because they were determined and persistent.

A lot of small children can be described as tenacious – imagine a little boy who always wants to climb on top of the kitchen table, his mother takes him down and tells him a hundred times not to do that, but he keeps doing it – he is tenacious, persistent in pursuing his goal.

Who is someone you know that you could describe as tenacious? It could be someone you know personally, or maybe an athlete, and artist, or a celebrity who has this characteristic of strong determination and persistence. Let’s put this word into practice.

That’s all for today – tune in tomorrow for our final adjective before we move on to adverbs next week. Bye bye!


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