Grammer or Grammar?

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Grammar vs. grammer: what’s the difference? “Grammer” doesn’t exist! It’s a very common mistake to misspell “grammar” as G-R-A-M-M-E-R.

There’s NO “e” in the word grammar; the correct spelling is G-R-A-M-M-A-R. But when we speak, we pronounce it like “er” – grammer, not gram-MAR – so that’s why people often misspell it with -er. It’s an understandable error.

Grammer or Grammar? Espresso English

Always write grammar, never grammer

Now you know that grammar is always spelled with AR at the end. And if you want to avoid more common errors, I can help you inside my course called 200 Common Errors in English.

Grammer or Grammar? Espresso English

I’ll teach you the most common grammer grammar mistakes, vocabulary mistakes, spelling mistakes, pronunciation mistakes, and more – showing you the right way to say things so that you can speak and write more confidently in English.

There are actually lots of words in English that end with -ar or -or in an unstressed syllable, and we pronounce them more like -ER. Let’s practice more of these words.

Today we’re focusing on pronunciation, but if you want to know the definitions of any of the words in the list below, check or

English words ending in -AR

  • calendar
  • caterpillar
  • collar
  • dollar
  • liar
  • popular
  • similar
  • solar
  • sugar
  • vinegar

Good job!

Note that there are some words that end in -ar where we do pronounce it “ARE” – like guitar, radar, avatar. But the other ones we just practiced all sound like -er even though they’re spelled with -ar at the end.

English words ending in -OR

Now let’s practice some that are spelled with -or… but again, pronounced like “er.”

  • actor
  • administrator
  • calculator
  • doctor
  • editor
  • governor
  • professor
  • refrigerator
  • sailor
  • survivor
  • ventilator
  • visitor

There’s no need to debate between grammar or grammer – the correct way is ALWAYS “grammar.”

I hope my lessons are helping you learn English grammar easily!

Thanks for practicing with me – now you know how to say AND write these words correctly!

Fix your English errors FAST!

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