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Hi students! It’s Shayna from EspressoEnglish.net and today we’ll do a vocabulary with pictures lesson focusing on the holiday of Halloween, which is coming up on October 31.

On this holiday, the American tradition is for children to dress up in costumes and go trick-or-treating, meaning they go from house to house in the neighborhood ringing the doorbell and gathering candy.

In this lesson you’ll learn some vocabulary words for things that are often associated with Halloween. Remember to practice your pronunciation by repeating each word after me – and if you’d like to expand your vocabulary even further, make sure to check out my Vocabulary Builder Course.

Let’s get started with some pictures, and also watch to the end to learn six adjectives for describing scary things and being scared.


haunted house

(if a house is haunted, it means ghosts live there)









cemetery / graveyard with gravestones / tombstones


spiderweb / cobweb


To describe scary situations or environments, you can use the adjectives spooky and creepy.

If something gives you a cold sensation of fear, then it is chilling.

A costume or decoration that has lots of blood or clearly shows something dead, can be described as gruesome.

And finally, if you are extremely scared, you are terrified or petrified – this last one describes being so completely scared that you’re frozen and can’t move.

When you expand your vocabulary, you’ll be able to speak English more fluently because you’ll know a lot more words that you can use to express yourself just the way you want!

My Vocabulary Builder Course is a super-fast way to increase your vocabulary quickly, so come join if you want to accelerate your English learning. That’s all for today – I’ll talk to you next time!

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